SenceBand User Opinions And Reviews

SenceBand User Opinions And Reviews

SenceBand is an innovative new category of wearable technology that offers insights into your feelings. The company, which is situated in Texas, was successful in running two separate crowdfunding campaigns, one on Kickstarter and another on Indiegogo. After a delay of several years ago, in 2016, the initial backers have now received their first smartphones.

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Initially, the SenceTech team came together not to manufacture a piece of hardware but rather to gather ECG screening data of the highest possible quality. They wanted to use this information to construct a massive database that they could then sell to other parties. The conclusion reached by the panel of 28 people was that smartwatches either did not employ ECG measurements that were stringent enough to make use of such information or did not have enough reports for the information to be usable. So, they decided to make their own device to track their health and fitness.

The SenceBand is a somewhat bulky-looking device that works its wonders by monitoring the electrical activity of the heart and displaying it on a screen. The data on the user’s heart rate is acquired in a non-intrusive manner at a frequency selected by the user. This allows the user to obtain readings without having to interrupt their recent operations.

The ECG is measured by the wearable with patented technology that enables it to filter out the electromagnetic “noise” made by the body. This system removes noise, such as electrical impulses from muscular contractions, and only keeps the electromagnetic input coming from your heart (ECG). In point of fact, the SenceBand is the only smart wristband on the market that can measure ECG from a single wrist. According to the results, this method is about 250 times more accurate than optical sensors, which are used by most fitness trackers to measure blood flow.

This raw data is then processed by algorithms to produce actionable analytics. Through analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), the device can measure more than 64 different mental states and keep track of the things that are likely to cause certain feelings.

The wearable device promises to provide you with knowledge of exactly when and where you felt depressed or worried, as well as when you were at your most crucial. You may even set up notifications to be sent to your device if something intriguing has just occurred with either your own emotional condition or the emotional state of a person in your network.

According to one of the company’s co-founders, Eugene Nayshtetik, “We set out to make the first commercial wearables that monitor moods using technologies designed for a medical setting.”

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“To assess the activity of the heart, Sens uses a method called R-Peak Tracking, which has a pending patent. The people who wear Sence get a dashboard that shows their physical and emotional health in a level of detail that no other wearable can match.”

Because the gadget is able to sync with calendars, it enables users to record activities such as events, meetings, and exercises, as well as their emotional reactions at the time, which enables them to find patterns and pinpoint the sources of stress. You only need to inform Sence how frequently to take a scan, and then everything will be OK. Sence can also be used as a fitness tracker by keeping track of the number of steps taken, as well as the amount of daily activity and rest.

Although it is fair to say that the wearable does not exactly impress with its good looks, it is nevertheless intriguing to observe. We are looking forward to getting our hands on a device in the not-too-distant future so that we can put it through its paces. In the meantime, the initial feedback from the project’s backers, which numbers over 1,000, should make for some intriguing reading.

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