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Link Building SEO in Jakarta, Indonesia


Do you sell products or services online in Jakarta, Indonesia? Then you realized that it’s not enough to have a modern, convenient and fast website. Your website should be perfectly indexed by search engines, reflected in the top of search results. And this visibility will bring you customers.

How to become visible? Order SEO Service for website promotion at CRG Soft with successful cases in your niche. This is a comprehensive service to increase targeted traffic for your online business.


Online Shopping Site:

The number of sales depends on the number of customers. Correct geo-requests will allow service companies to more effectively offer their services to customers.

Corporate Sites:

SEO optimization positively affects the presentation of your company and its business to partners, customers, potential customers in search engines.

News Sites, Blogs, Information Portals:

Enormous competition and the optimization of articles is indispensable - they simply won’t see you.


SEO is a key success factor, especially in synergy with contextual advertising.

The cost of the site promotion service depends on the complexity of the work and the specific resource. Our experts will provide qualified advice on all issues, and will quickly calculate the cost of the project.


  • 12 years of experience in promotion. For you, this is a solution to problems in different niches and development, effective cases and unexpected solutions.
  • You will have a strike strategy. We are ahead of global trends in promotion.
  • Our Team measure success by sales, not traffic.
  • We use our own development.
  • Do not work on a thread. Maximum attention to each customer.
  • We calculate the cost of the project of the customer, based on the actual labor costs and the competitiveness of the niche.


We approach the customer’s task in a comprehensive manner and are able to carry out all types of work: from creating a site to effectively promoting it in search engines, launching advertising campaigns and supporting communities on social networks.

SEO Service in Jakarta from CRG Soft is a website promotion linked to business results in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are developing your resource, making it convenient primarily for the user, but with the obligatory consideration of the recommendations of search engines.

The right search engine optimization services provided by CRG Soft in Jakarta, Indonesia specialists will bring your site a high rating and the highest possible attention from potential customers.

SEO Benefits :

  • By getting a high rating, you attract more site visitors;
  • Targeted search engine optimization will make your homepage even more successful. She appears in the top positions in the results of regular searches on Google and other search engines;
  • You can provide competitive advantages;
  • Sustainable, authoritative search engine optimization will provide you with decisive competitive advantages in the fight for the coveted high positions in search engines;
  • You can reduce your advertising costs in the long run;
  • Investments in optimizing your site will pay off in the long run and are one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business on the Internet in the medium and long term.

Do you need search engine optimization services in Jakarta?

With successful search engine optimization, you can achieve excellent results. However, not all cases require search engine optimization in the first place. Here are some of the most important decision criteria:

  • Your goals

SEO should be seen as an extremely important component for sustainable cost reduction in the medium and long term goals of attracting new customers and stimulating sales. However, SEO is not suitable if you want to find new customers immediately or in a short time. All search engine optimization measures don’t work overnight - SEO takes time.

  • SEO costs and your budget

The most common obstacle to successful SEO is an affordable budget. If you want to achieve predictable success with a one-time limited amount of funds, we recommend other types of advertising, such as the AdWords time-limited campaign.

  • The timing

The first successes in SEO - for example, a rating increase, an increase in the number of website visitors - usually become noticeable within a few weeks after SEO optimization. In our experience, a technically optimized site does not show a stable rating, but grows and falls in the first 6-12 weeks. Only after about 3 months can we observe a steady improvement in the rating.

To be able to evaluate the exact development, we offer an SEO monitoring service.

  • Short-term promotion and long-term success

SEO is definitely the right choice for long term optimization. If you want to be on top of the search results page for a short period of time, you should use the Google AdWords advertising service.

  • Competitive situation

If you choose search engine optimization services, you need to pay attention to the competitive situation and the competitive environment. Often the coveted first places in search engines are occupied by well-known and well-known companies and, depending on the industry, are also subject to serious debate.

If it seems unrealistic to achieve visible results using SEO at a reasonable price, you can consider other advertising options. Whether it’s SEO or advertising, keep an eye out for competition and pricing so you don’t spend money without making a profit. We will be happy to advise you and help you with your decision!

SEO step by step

As an SEO agency, we offer you full SEO analysis, technical SEO and content optimization for your site. We take all necessary steps to successfully place your homepage in the “natural results” of search engines!

SEO analysis of your site:

  1. Defining your SEO goals;

Together with you, we determine what goals you want to achieve using the search engine optimization service of your site.

  1. Full SEO analysis of your site;

SEO analysis of the actual state of your site in terms of optimization for search engines (indexing using search engines, website speed, optimization for mobile devices, etc.) and other optimization options, including analysis of the content and structure of your page’s content and links to internal pages. We check metadata, site structure, content, and more.

  1. Definition of SEO volume;

Choosing the most important site pages to achieve your SEO goals will save you money.

  1. Keyword Analysis

You will receive from us suggestions for suitable search words for each individual page that will be optimized. Before conducting technical search engine optimization, a general definition of the search conditions for which individual pages of your site should be optimized. At the same time, we take into account both the current competitive situation (the number of matches for the search query, the position of your competitors, etc.) and the opportunities for positioning from above for the selected important keywords and phrases.

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