Series 4 units crash as a result of an Apple Watch Daylight Savings issue


Australian owners of the Series 4 Apple Watch are experiencing a loophole with a particular watch face. They have claimed that after the nation’s conversion to DST over the weekend, their devices are crashing.

The new infographic faces appear to be the source of the problem that is sending watches into never-ending reboot cycles. This is so that a day’s timeline with one of the hours missing can’t be created by the Activity complication on the Infographic Modular face. The problem is causing the watch to restart repeatedly until its battery runs out.

The Series 4 units crashed due to an Apple Watch Daylight Savings issue.

The issue continues as long as the complication is present. Some customers have solved the problem by removing the watch face via the iPhone companion app.

Australia’s short day is officially finished, and everyone’s watches are back to their regular time. Although Apple hasn’t made an official announcement regarding the problem, we anticipate a remedy to be released shortly. The corporation has plenty of time to make things right because DST ends on October 28 in Europe and on November 4 in North America.


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