Shares of Fitbit fell by nearly 8% as lacklustre reviews of the Ionic continued to filter in

Over the course of the past week, shares of Fitbit have experienced a decline of 7.7 percent due to the arrival of Ionic evaluations. The stock of the company increased by almost 10 percent almost immediately after its introduction a few weeks ago, but it appears that the tide has turned against it.

With this, Fitbit’s first try at a full-fledged smartwatch, the company has a lot of ground to cover. It was announced toward the end of the previous month, and it was anticipated that it would be the product that would turn the company’s fortunes around. Over the course of the past year, customers’ preferences have switched toward full-featured smartwatches, which has resulted in a decline in both the company’s sales and its share price.

Ionic comes equipped with all of the fitness monitoring features that we have grown to adore from Fitbit, in addition to an app store, NFC payments, on-board storage for music, and a number of other features. The initial evaluations indicate that the company has a lot more to learn about creating smartwatches, despite the fact that it is an expert in the field of fitness monitoring.

These are some of the statements that were made by various media outlets:

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Consumer Observations: First Look: The Fitbit Ionic improves upon its previous fitness tracking capabilities but falls short as a wristwatch.

Even though there are clearly some excellent reviews out there, the overall consensus seems to be that the smartwatch features of the Ionic leave a lot to be desired. When put up against the Apple Watch, the Fitbit device falls short in its ability to engage with notifications, music, and other features. It will take some time for the app library to expand because there is a dearth of third-party offerings now available. Fitbit Pay is also compatible with a significantly smaller number of establishments compared to Apple Pay. It is important to note that these are early reviews, and that the Ionic will not be released officially until October. Because of this, there is still time to fix any software issues that may have been discovered.

When it comes to keeping track of one’s fitness, the device certainly has a lot of appealing qualities that users will appreciate. With a battery life of up to 4 days, it presents Apple with a significant challenge. The watch has an abundance of sensors and provides the most accurate readings possible when it comes to monitoring the wearer’s fitness around the clock.

There is a good chance that this holiday shopping season and the ultimate reception of the Ionic may prove to be defining moments for Fitbit. It could even be the deciding factor in the entire course of events for the organization.

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