OPPO Band Watch Style Review: Should you Buy it?

OPPO Band Watch Style Review: Should you Buy it?

Oppo has established itself as a reputable name in the market for mobile devices by manufacturing phones of high quality and very effective. They concluded not too long ago that their Oppo Band product would be a good entry point for them into the watch sector. We analyzed their product’s first generation, and we can provide you with all of the data you need to make an educated decision regarding whether or not to buy one of their products.

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What Is the Oppo Band’s Appearance?

Oppo is well-known for its straightforward and uncluttered designs, and the firm has brought this approach to its line of smartwatches. It displays color on the screen and has an easily readable face that is rounded and rectangular in design. Each device comes with two different straps to choose from, one of which is a buckled strap made of stainless steel and the other of which is a strap made of silicone; all of these straps are amazing since they are pleasant to wear and look great at the same time. Because of this, the offering of straps is likewise of high quality.

In addition to a blood pressure sensor and a heart rate monitor, this watch also features an AMOLED display that is 1.1 inches in size. The display can be seen in any kind of weather, especially when it is directly exposed to sunlight, and it is easy to comprehend. In addition, there is a charging pin located on the reverse side of the device.

Characteristics and Attractions

Your heart rate, your Sp02 levels, your sleep, your health, and the weather are just some of the everyday statistics that the watch keeps track of and displays to you in real-time, along with other information. In addition to that, the piece of technology is able to inform you of the overall number of calories that you have burned throughout the course of the day.

On your wrist, you may access all of the messages that have been sent to you, and in addition, you will receive notifications that will keep you up to date on any relevant information. You will have the possibility to adjust the watch display in order to make it more suitable to your preferences when you make use of the companion app.

Tracking One’s Fitness Level

The band can withstand water up to a depth of 50 meters for a duration of 10 minutes per dip, which enables you to keep track of your progress while swimming. In addition, you can select from any one of a total of twelve unique workout modes, each of which is geared toward a different kind of athletic endeavor.

The Oppo Band does not come with a built-in GPS receiver, but it is compatible with the GPS on your phone and other smartphones. When you begin and finish an exercise session, you will have access to a number of different statistics that will assist you in gaining an understanding of your performance. This information will include the length of time you spent exercising, the rate at which you moved, the distance you walked, and the number of calories you expended.

The great news is that each of the tracking parts is accurate, which indicates that you may put your faith in the data and make use of it to direct your journey toward a healthy way of life. When one takes into consideration the cost of the device, it is even more remarkable to see how precise the Oppo Band can be.

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How Strong Is the Battery in the Oppo Band?

It is interesting to note that Oppo claims that the battery life of their first-generation handset is 12 full days; however, the reality appears to be closer to six days as more and more people try it. If you want to use all of the features that the watch has to offer, you will need to charge it about once every two to three days. When it comes to charging, the gadget needs around one hour to go from an entirely depleted condition to a fully charged state when starting from a completely empty state.

Should I Buy an Oppo Band?

For a device that is in its first generation and has a low price point, it is impressive that it has such a wide variety of capabilities and that the data it provides is accurate. The picture that is displayed on the screen is incredibly crisp, and all of the capabilities, including the Sp02 monitor, work wonderfully.

If you don’t mind needing to charge your cellphone more frequently, the Oppo Band can be a good option for you to consider! However, it is imperative that you keep in mind that the battery life is not quite as fantastic as it claims to be and that it might be as low as two days when all of the capabilities are being utilized. This is something that needs to be taken into account, so keep that in mind.

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