Should you buy the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

Should you buy the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers a sensation that is both familiar and distinctively different simultaneously. Although it looks like a Galaxy Watch, this iteration is classier and more sophisticated. The software operates in a manner that is analogous to that of Tizen. However, Google Wear OS is more precise and realistic.

The business decided against using the ‘Active’ label for its flagship model, the Galaxy Watch 4, and instead went with a ‘Classic’ model with the same capabilities as its previous Samsung Galaxy Watch model.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is the first smartwatch of any kind to feature Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), in addition to having a health sensor that measures three different things at once. Is this sufficient to displace the number one rank now held by the Apple Watch 7, which has not yet been released?

The Galaxy Watch 4 is, without a doubt, the most advanced wristwatch that is currently on the market for people who own Samsung smartphones. Learn the reasons why in our review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

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Release date and price

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 was introduced to the markets of the United States of America and the United Kingdom on August 26, 2021. It will be accessible to customers in Australia on September 10th.

The Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Sport are the two different models available for purchase. This model is available in two variations, each costing $250: a 40mm model with Bluetooth capability and a 40mm model with LTE capability.

The watch costs a little less than $330 if it has 4G connectivity, while it costs approximately $280 if it only has Bluetooth. Because it takes the place of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, this model is available for a price that is much lower than that of the Galaxy Watch 3.

People who prefer a larger smartwatch with a rotating bezel will find this is the ideal option for them. This is a separate product line from the one released last year, although both of the devices have many of the same specs.

At the moment, the price of the Bluetooth model is close to 350 dollars, and the price of the LTE variant is close to 400 dollars. The 46mm variant, which can be purchased with Bluetooth, will run you closer to $380.


The Galaxy Watch 4 models from Samsung all have new frames, which get rid of the gaps that were previously present between the wristwatch chassis and the bands. In addition, the button pair on the crown is in the shape of an oblong rectangle, as opposed to a round crown on the side that is accompanied by a flush button.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 continues in the tradition set by its forerunners, albeit with a few tweaks here and there. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic includes a rotating bezel, making it a useful navigation device and a fantastic alternative to traditional fidget spinners. As is the case with the S Pen, the rotating bezel of the Samsung Galaxy Watch has become virtually indistinguishable from the product ever since its debut – or did it debut? – on the Galaxy Note smartphone.

It may take some time for individuals who have worn the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 more recently than the Galaxy Watch 3 to become accustomed to the bezel on the basic Galaxy Watch 4. However, because it lacks the mechanism, the smartwatch is far slimmer. This creates a current device that cannot be confused with a traditional Smartwatch in any way.


It is distinguished from other smartwatches by its spinning bezel, which is referred to as a “virtual” bezel. You will not find a revolving bezel on this Watch; if it is a feature that is important to you, consider purchasing the Watch 4 Classic instead. However, you can navigate between menus by dragging your finger around the screen’s black bezel.

The models are also water and dustproof to the IP68 standard, which means they can withstand being submerged in water up to five meters deep without damage. I want to warn you about the watch band that came with the watch since it is constructed from an unusual material that may not be appropriate for vigorous exercise because it can create a rash. The material in question is stainless steel. If you frequently take your watch with you to the gym, it is probably a good idea to replace the band with a new one.

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The Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung is available in not one but two variants, each with a stunning display. The 40mm model has a display resolution of 396 x 396 pixels, while the 44mm variant has a display resolution of 450 x 450 pixels. A pixel density of 330 pixels per inch is present in both of the available options.


The Watch 4 is powered by a Samsung Exynos W920 CPU and comes standard with 1.5 gigabytes of RAM. According to the results of the tests, this amount of power was sufficient to operate a variety of apps smoothly. These days, you don’t see a responsive smartwatch like this one very often.

Even though this speed isn’t as visible on a smartwatch as on a laptop or smartphone, it stands out compared to other smartwatches. It allows you to use a range of programs even when the GPS operations are running in the background.

Regarding the storage capacity of the Galaxy Watch 4, you have a choice between 16 and 32 gigabytes. About 8 gigabytes of this capacity was used up by the operating system and the preloaded applications, so you have approximately the same amount of space available for your own apps and music.

The software on the Galaxy Watch 4 is the component that sets it apart. In this instance, rather than utilizing its very own Tizen wearables software, Samsung is giving Google’s Wear OS a new lease on life, but with a few modifications. In recent years, Samsung has been focusing most of its software development efforts on the Tizen operating system, which appears to be the situation with the Galaxy Watch 4.

Instead, this is Wear OS 3 with Samsung’s own skin, referred to as One UI Watch 3. It is largely Wear OS, although it includes some Samsung apps you are already familiar with if you have previously owned a Galaxy Watch.

Because of this, you will have access to the Google Play Store, and although Wear OS isn’t the most app-friendly platform, you will have more possibilities than you would with Tizen. Despite this, it still has that unmistakable Samsung flavor about it.

The software on the Galaxy Watch 4 is not only responsive and appealing, but it also comes pre-installed with programs that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This is a superior alternative to Tizen, although it keeps many of the qualities that make It such a terrific piece of software.

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Monitoring of activity

A specialized activity Tile that displays your step count, active minutes, and calories burnt will be available for you to use in order to monitor your progress toward your fitness goals.

You are going to get a notification for inactivity with some recommendations on how to break out of your routine of idleness. Automatic exercise identification will note activities like walking on your behalf. You will be required to switch to manual monitoring to collect more data when you are out for a walk if you desire to do so.

The alerts about inactivity are more helpful than those displayed on most fitness trackers and smartwatches. It does a commendable job of encouraging you to be engaged in small but significant ways, which is exactly what you should be doing.

Blood oxygen

Using the Samsung Health app, one can carry out ongoing monitoring of their blood oxygen levels.

There is no attempt made by Samsung to provide any more context for these readings beyond what they may reveal about your general health. It’s quite similar to monitoring your stress levels, including guided breathing exercises to help you relax and collecting statistics on how stressed you are.

When you switch to sports tracking and focus on Samsung’s fitness program, you will have the option to select from various modes. These modes include running, cycling, swimming in a pool, and other indoor activities such as rowing. You will still be able to access a running coach mode and other training modes through your mobile device.

The tracking experience provided by Watch Active 2 and Watch 3 is pretty comparable to one another.


During your runs, GPS tracking is real-time, and you may examine your data in various ways. A large quantity of data can be accessed both during and after a run.

Monitoring of both sleep and stress

The new smartwatch from Samsung has significantly improved its sleep monitoring statistics. In contrast to the Galaxy Watch 3, the Galaxy Watch 4 checks the oxygen saturation of the blood once every minute while you sleep. Those who struggle with sleep apnea could gain something from enhanced SpO2 measures, which could provide greater insight into the quality of their sleep. If you sleep with your smartphone nearby while you’re asleep, it will also capture your snoring.

The stress app for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gives you the ability to track your current stress level and find ways to recover from it. When you reach a particular threshold for stress, the watch will prompt you to do some breathing exercises to reduce it. Despite Fitbit’s greater popularity, Samsung’s watch has begun to catch up to the Fitbit Sense in terms of its ability to measure and manage stress.

An examination of one’s body composition

For the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung created an updated version of its health sensor. A pulse oximeter (PPG), a heart rate monitor (ECG), and a bioelectric impedance analyzer (BIA) combine to provide a three-in-one sensor that is closer to the skin than the individual health sensors found on the previous Galaxy Watch.

The BIA is by far the most important. You may get a rapid reading of your BIA by pressing your fingers on the crown buttons for about 15 seconds without letting your fingers rest on the skin next to your watch. This will give you an accurate reading.

When performed correctly, body composition analysis results will give insight into how changes in your diet and exercise routine affect your internal makeup rather than just your weight alone. However, there are a few qualifications that should be taken into account. To start, persons with pacemakers or pregnant women should not use BIA as it is not recommended for them. Even though the majority of modern digital scales come equipped with a mode that eliminates BIA readings. Simply put, Samsung advises individuals who should not be using it to desist from doing so if they so choose.

Then there is the concern that the BIA measures can contribute to body dysmorphia in some individuals. The only caveat that Samsung provides is that the measurements probably won’t be accurate for people under the age of 20. However, it does not appear that there is an actual age limit for participation in the function.

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battery capacity

When we tested the 44-millimeter version of the Galaxy Watch 4, powered by a battery with a capacity of 361 milliampere-hours (mAh), we discovered that it has excellent battery life. Depending on how heavily you use the watch, it can last up to two days on a single charge, but with regular use, it can last up to three days.

We haven’t yet tested the smaller 247mAh battery that’s included with the 40mm variant. Regarding Samsung smartwatches, we’ve found that the smaller models have a somewhat longer battery life than the larger ones. This is especially true for the larger models. Despite this, we do not anticipate a significant difference between the 40mm version and the other versions.

Surprisingly, a charging pad is included in the package, knowing that Samsung just recently stopped selling charging pads separately from its handsets. Because of this, you will only receive the cord with this purchase; therefore, you will need to either locate a charging block or connect it directly to a USB device in order to charge it.

FAQ on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Do you want to find out more information about this well-known smartwatch? The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 may be found here.


Is a phone necessary to use the Samsung Galaxy watch, or can it function independently? (LTE Models)

You probably already know this, but did you know that you can use your wristwatch even when it’s not linked to your phone?

When searching for a new smartwatch, look into models that support “LTE” since this will enable your watch to receive text messages and phone calls even when disconnected from a connected phone. Individuals who do not wish to carry the additional weight of a smartphone device will find this configuration ideal. Because it enables you to go out and be active without bringing a phone with you, it is also an excellent option for people who enjoy playing sports outside.

Make sure you don’t forget to activate the service on your watch using the same network carrier that services your smartphone. LTE Galaxy Smartwatch plans are available for the 3, 4, and Galaxy Watch Active models from well-known brands such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

Remember to keep your watch connected to a Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth connection whenever it is practical to do so, even if you do not go with a smartwatch plan that includes LTE connectivity.

Is it possible to answer incoming phone calls on the Samsung active watch?

Galaxy Watches, equipped with their own microphones and speakers, can take and make phone calls. Both the Galaxy Watch4 and the Galaxy Watch active 2 contain these features in their respective iterations.

You will not be able to take a call through the watch if you have a watch from the first generation or a Galaxy Watch Active; nevertheless, you will be able to receive calls. When you accept a call on a Samsung Galaxy Active watch, the connection will be made to your smartphone so that you can continue the conversation there.

The following are some potential causes for your inability to answer calls, should you be confused as to why this is the case:

  • Your watch is currently set to quiet mode.
  • It’s possible that your alerts have been disabled.
  • You will need a device that is LTE enabled if you plan on using your watch instead of a phone.
  • It’s possible that there will be problems connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Is it possible to text using a Samsung watch?

Did you know that you can use the Samsung Galaxy Watch to send and receive messages? Texting is possible even when you’re on the go, thanks to the Bluetooth and LTE connectivity choices. The Messages application may be accessed on the watch independently of your Galaxy phone thanks to the watch’s intuitive user interface, which allows you to send and receive messages as well as generate new ones.

The “Quick messaging” tool gives users the ability to respond to messages using this watch as well quickly. It is important to keep in mind that the Galaxy Watch Series does not support the installation of third-party messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Google Hangout.

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Make sure to go with an LTE model that can connect to networks even without a phone pairing if you want to be able to send and receive texts even if you don’t have your phone with you. When you are messaging on your smartphone, be sure that your normal watch model is still synced with your phone.

What are some of the more interesting things I can do with my Galaxy Watch?

One of the smartwatch options that is doing exceptionally well in the market right now is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Series. This device offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind choices thanks to its sophisticated appearance and high-end smartwatch functions.

The following is a list of the most enjoyable things that can be done with your Galaxy Watch:

  • Personalize the face of your watch. Even though the Galaxy Store has a large selection of watch faces available for purchase, you may still wish to customize certain aspects of the designs. You are in luck because many of the preloaded faces may be customized, enabling you to create your watch exactly how you want it. You will find a button labeled “Customize” at the very top of the watch Faces tab.
  • Capture images of the screen. You can snap screenshots of the screen on the Galaxy Watch, just like you would on a smartphone. To take a screenshot of your screen, press and hold the home button, then swipe from left to right. When the screenshot is captured, it will be saved in the region of the watch devoted to locally stored data.
  • Download content that can be viewed offline. Users of the Galaxy Watch can download music on their devices for offline listening. The watch was designed with a small amount of onboard storage, making it ideal for those who wish to listen to music as they exercise.
  • SOS Emergency Preparedness in Place Do you want to ensure that you are protected in every circumstance? In dangerous situations, your Galaxy Watch has the ability to transmit an SOS message. Just remember to set up the “Send SOS request” feature as soon as you can once you’ve gotten into trouble. To send an SOS signal, quickly press the home button three times while holding it down. Are you interested in how to respond to emergencies? Here you can learn more about the incident detection provided by Galaxy Watch.
  • Explore different modes. The Galaxy Watch has three settings that aren’t found on other smartwatches, and they are “Watch-Only,” “Theater,” and “Goodnight.” These modes are quite similar to conventional silent modes; however, there are a few key changes, and they typically extend the battery’s life.

Is the Galaxy smartwatch susceptible to water damage?

Two distinct water immersion ratings are available for the Galaxy Watch Series 4 model. This might make no sense, but don’t worry about it! Here, we will discuss the two primary distinctions.

The watch has been given an “IP68” score, which stands for “Ingress Protection,” indicating that it can withstand being submerged in water for nearly half an hour. The second certification is “5ATM,” indicating that the watch is water resistant to a depth of up to 50 meters.

These two ratings indicate that the watch is safe to wear at depths of up to 50 meters for up to 30 minutes at a time without posing any danger. This certification gives consumers some leeway when they are in environments where they may come into contact with water. Of course, no electronic watch will ever be completely waterproof.

In addition, the Galaxy Watch 4 has received ratings from the IL-STD-810G, demonstrating that it can survive extreme temperatures, high altitudes/low pressure, shocks/vibrations, and drops. This makes it impervious to the effects of sand, grime, and dust.

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