Since the update to WatchOS6, Apple Watch owners have been experiencing battery problems.

Since the release of WatchOS6, there have been reports of problems with the battery life of some Apple Watch owners. It appears that this is the situation for the Series 5 device as well as the Series 4 device.

The WatchOS6 update was made available for download earlier this month. It comes with some useful enhancements including a standalone app store, new health-related capabilities, apps, complexities, and watch faces. However, it does come with one alteration that is unwelcome to certain people.

Since the update, owners of Apple Watches have flocked to social media to voice their dissatisfaction with the reduced battery life they are now experiencing. A user referred to the issue as “a terrible joke…” in one of their comments.

In some instances, the battery discharges 20–30 per cent faster than normal! A bug of this nature appearing in a beta version of WatchOS or iOS wouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone. However, one would not anticipate something like this coming from a public release.

Another user claims, “Yeah, my three-year-old Series 2 still has at least double the battery life of my brand-new Series 5,” despite the fact that it has been put through daily use.

A select few were quick to point the finger at the always-on display of the Series 5 gadget; however, it appears that owners of the Series 4 watches are also affected. A cursory investigation into the matter reveals that users of the GPS+Cellular variant are the ones most likely to experience difficulties with their devices.

To refresh your recollection, the always-on display, compass, and twice as much storage memory are the primary distinctions between the Series 5 and Series 4 in terms of their respective hardware (32GB). In addition to this, the most recent model has a battery that is marginally larger (1.4% more in size for the 44mm variant). However, this does not actually help to extend the battery life much beyond the 18-hour mark in any meaningful way.

It is reasonable to believe that this is a technical issue given that the issue affects both the most recent generation as well as the generation before it. Unfortunately, turning off cellular on the watch will not fix the problem; the drain on the battery will remain.

Some users were able to fix the problem by returning their Apple Watch to its factory settings rather than using a backup. Waiting for WatchOS 6.1, which will presumably include a remedy, is the alternative course of action.

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