Six months after it was lost at sea, a surfer finds a functioning Apple Watch


Six months after losing it in the Pacific Ocean, a guy has finally found his Apple Watch. The gadget still functions flawlessly, which is unbelievable.

Robert Bainter revealed to KTLA that he has been using the Apple Watch while surfing on Huntington Beach. The device tracks exercises done in the pool and in open water and is waterproof up to 50 meters. The issue with this is that a wave’s power can cause the watch to fall off your wrist. This is precisely what occurred to the Californian.

I’ve used this item as a lucky charm. I would frequently use it to demonstrate the surf and your speed. Robert Bainter informed KTLA that it will even display your location on the beach.

Then I take up my arm and wonder, “Oh My God,” what just happened. “A tremendous wave came and you know I was loving it, riding it.”

Before using the Find My iPhone app’s Lost Mode, he spent an hour looking. With this, you can lock your Apple Watch and give it a personalized message with a phone number in case it is found. In this mode, anyone attempting to pair your watch with another iPhone or wipe it must first enter your passcode.

Bainter searched for the object every time he went to the shore. But the watch was nowhere to be discovered until Bainter got a call from an unknown number six months later. It turned out to be from the man who discovered the gadget 3 miles north. He was simply strolling and looking for seashells when he discovered it on the sand.

By then, Bainter had already given up and purchased a new Apple Watch. To his astonishment, when he got back in touch with his old cell phone, it was still fully operational. The only sign that anything unusual occurred was a tiny haze on the display, most likely brought on by being submerged in saltwater for such an extended period of time.

According to Bainter, it performed flawlessly, didn’t miss a beat, had all the information, and had all the apps.

I adore Apple products.

The incident demonstrates how durable Apple’s products are. If you’re going surfing, it could be a good idea to invest in a more secure strap or cover the watch with a wetsuit.


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