Small businesses should have sites that load quickly

The speed of loading your website should be constant concern of small business owners. You know why? Have you learned how to measure performance?

Having a website that loads fast should be the goal of companies of all sizes.

Of the small, mainly.

The more hallucinated we are, the more competitive we will have.

The performance improvement of your WordPress project needs to be constant.

There are performance-impacting factors that need to be continually revised: the three pillars of WordPress performance.

The recommendation is to first correct the most critical factors, go to the middlemen and end with improvements that will leave the performance site.

Each pillar has its own particularities and challenges.

So get to know the pillars of website performance in WordPress .

Why should I have sites that load fast?

Because users do not want to wait for pages that take too long to load.

Because websites that load fast generate more business.

Because they look better positioned on Google.

Because it will not be penalized by Facebook .

Because your digital marketing strategy requires a website with good performance .

Because the quality of mobile internet in India is not good.

Because every second of an extra speed will count in your favor.

How do I know if my site loads fast?

The ideal is to use tools that can perform the diagnosis.

Google provides a tool called PageSpeed ??Insights  that since 2017 considers real-world data in performance analysis.

This data comes from a Chrome browser user experience report.

Pages parsed through PageSpeed ??earn a score from 0 to 100.

The closer to 100, the more performative the page is considered.

PageSpeed ??stages are defined according to the following score ranges:

  1. First stage: from the up to 55 points;
  2. Second stage: from 56 to 65 points and the
  3. Third stage: from 66 points up to 85 points.

In addition to the punctuation, the steps are colored with red, yellow and green, respectively.

More recently they have also gained names. They are: poor, need to work and good.


Sites that load fast generate many  benefits for your business , so performance must be a constant strategy.

With your pages loading fast, you will be more competitive.

In local searches on Google, for example, you will get even more benefit.

Consider getting deeper into the WordPress and Performance combination.

Your little business just tends to win.

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