Smart blood pressure monitors from Braun include an intuitive color-coding system that allows you to keep tabs on your cardiovascular health

Both the iCheck 7 and the ActivScan 9 are new intelligent blood pressure monitors that have been introduced by the consumer goods manufacturer Braun. A straightforward color coding scheme will allow you to keep track of how your heart is doing with one of these gadgets. Both the iCheck 7 and the ActivScan 9 are blood pressure monitors, but the ActivScan 9 is seen as the more standard model.

In preparation for the launch, a company based in Germany published the results of a poll asking one thousand people in the UK about their perceptions of blood pressure. This shows that keeping track of our daily step count is much more common than keeping track of our heart health, which is generally thought to be the most important sign of overall health. 

In fact, nearly half of us use technology at home to track our weight and the number of steps we take each day, but only 15% of us regularly monitor our blood pressure.Seven percent of people don’t even bother to get it checked! The majority of folks (63 percent) only obtain a reading when they go in for their regular checkups at the doctor’s. Even more concerning is the fact that approximately two thirds of people do not believe they lead a healthy lifestyle.

Approximately seventy percent of those who participated in the poll have the correct assumption that hypertension can be caused by both stress and being overweight. According to the findings of other studies, a person who has been diagnosed with high blood pressure is most concerned about the possibility of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Hypertension, also called high blood pressure, can affect people of any age, says Dr. Achim Max Brenske, a doctor and medical expert.

It does not actually manifest itself with symptoms, but if it is not addressed, it might increase the chance of significant health problems such as heart attacks and strokes. [As an example:]Blood pressure is a metric that is sometimes overlooked despite the fact that it has the potential to be one of the most essential health measurements that we already continuously track. Yet, there are many health measures that we are already consistently measuring.

When it comes to high blood pressure, even the smallest changes and adjustments to one’s health routine can actually make a world of difference. The latest blood pressure monitors from Braun can be of assistance to you in making these kinds of beneficial adjustments.

The ActivScan 9 is a blood pressure monitor that is placed on the upper arm. It has a pinch-to-open cuff that was specially created for Braun, and it has comfortable soft inflation technology.

Your readings are measured and stored by the gadget, and the display, which is in full color, gives you access to all of this information. The controls for this consist of a simple navigation wheel and some buttons with a pleasant touch. Everything is color-coded from green to red, so even a quick glance will let you know how well you are doing in each category. The display provides a view of the reading history, a view of the calendar, and daily averages for 7, 14, and 30 days.

Additionally, the ActivScan 9 may link to Braun’s Health Heart app using Bluetooth. This gives you a constantly changing picture of your blood pressure and lets you add information about your lifestyle so that a full picture of your health can be made.

It weighs 1.235 kilograms and has dimensions of 22.2 centimeters in height, 16.9 centimeters in length, and 11.4 centimeters in width. It can also find irregular heartbeats and store the results for up to two different people’s readings.

The iCheck 7 is a wrist-based blood pressure monitor that is smaller and more portable than its predecessor. The sophisticated ‘ball in the hole’ positioning mechanism helps direct you to the ideal posture for getting an accurate reading, and it is simple to put on. Because the arteries in your wrist are thinner and do not run as deeply beneath the skin as those in your forearm, it is imperative that you position yourself correctly.

Again, thanks to the clearly color-coded data, you will then be able to get a quick overview of your heart health. You will need to go to the Braun Healthy Heart app in order to see a more comprehensive overview of your history readings and to examine more detailed statistics.

The device is only designed for one person to use, and similar to ActivScan 9, it monitors the user’s heartbeat for any abnormalities. The portable device weighs only 0.414 kilograms and is 13.1 by 13.0 by 11.4 centimeters (H x L x W, in cm). This makes it a great choice for measuring blood pressure while traveling.

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