Smart insoles designed specifically for football players have been released by SportScientia

SportScientia has introduced a smart insole for football players that helps prevent injuries and improves performance while they are playing the game. This announcement comes just one month before the start of the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

When it comes to soccer sensors, there are a number of devices now available on the market that have already developed a substantial customer base, including large clubs as well as amateurs. Everything from sophisticated soccer balls to trackers that can be slipped into socks is included in this category.

The sports technology business with headquarters in the United Kingdom and Singapore claims that their wireless 3P smart insole and the smartphone app that goes along with it provide a broad array of real-time data, including information on load distribution, recuperation, and performance. The system can even be used to forecast, prevent, and manage injuries if it is given enough time to learn a player’s consistent baseline and then follow patterns over time.

SportScientia worked together with LCR 4.0 and their delivery partner Sensor City to get their solution to market as quickly as possible.

At SportScientia, our objective is to leverage cutting-edge technology to develop solutions that will both improve our understanding of how athletes perform and lessen the likelihood that they will get an injury. According to Peter Lazou, founding partner of SportScientia, the LCR 4.0 program and the team at Sensor City provided us with the resources to make this happen, and they also brought us one step closer to becoming a brand name that is more recognizable on a global scale.

We were provided with access to the mechanical and electronics labs that we required in order to re-engineer our first model. This means that we now have a series of accurate prototypes that we are able to test before moving on to the complete manufacturing process.

SportScientia is putting the prototypes through their paces with the help of the Sports Science department at Liverpool John Moores University and with local football clubs. There is currently no information available on the release date, but you will soon be able to place a pre-order on

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