Smart jewelry that keeps you safe, secure, and connected is what invisaWear is all about


invisaWear is a new line of smart jewelry that has just been released on Indiegogo. This jewelry has the potential to save your life one day. Fashionable technology that may be worn and is created so that assistance is only two clicks away.

In the event of a true emergency, it may be impossible to access a mobile device. If you are ever in a dangerous situation and feel the need to reach out to friends and family, you may do it more quickly and easily with the help of this smart jewelry. Simply pressing a button is all that is required to send an alert message that includes your precise position in it. The jewelry can even put you in touch with the nearest police agency and give dispatchers information about your personal profile and medical history, saving you important time.

The idea behind it is not overly complicated. Necklaces, bracelets, and keychains are some examples of the types of commonplace objects that can conceal a small device that houses the unit’s processing circuitry. The accessories are dainty and finished in either rhodium or gold plated to a standard of 14 carats. They are also replaceable, which means that you may change the style to suit the occasion or your mood. This is a very useful feature. The piece of jewelry is powered by a coin-cell battery, which will allow it to function normally for up to 365 days.

You set up your own profile, choose emergency contacts, enter your medical information, and enable additional functions on the accompanying smartphone app. For example, you can programme the app to automatically dial 911 or sound an alert. After that, you will be ready to go. If you find yourself in a potentially dangerous scenario and are unable to use your phone, all you need to do to send a text alert is double-press the primary component. In addition to that, there is a smart alarm that lets you play a loud noise to scare off a potential assailant.

“We created invisaWear to give peace of mind to women walking alone back to their cars, aspiring young ladies on college campuses, and anyone who wants to protect themselves and the people they love,” said Rajia Abdelaziz, CEO of invisaWear. “We created invisaWear to give peace of mind to women walking alone back to their cars,” she continued.

Because the Bluetooth range of invisaWear is around 30 feet, you will still be able to send an alarm even if your phone is not within reach. Since the wearable is compatible with networks all around the world, you should be able to get assistance from virtually any location on the planet.

The price range is $79 and more.


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