Smart Water Bottles are Being Developed by Fitbit in Collaboration with HidrateSpark

Smart Water Bottles are Being Developed by Fitbit in Collaboration with HidrateSpark

A smart water bottle with the Fitbit brand on it is being developed by HidrateSpark in collaboration with Fitbit. It syncs with the Fitbit app and uses personal information to figure out how much water you need to drink each day.

It is essential to drink enough water. That is common knowledge. Consuming an adequate amount of the liquid is beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system as well as for the operation of the muscles and joints, digestion, and levels of energy.

Despite this, a significant number of us are suffering from chronic dehydration without even being aware of it. Keeping yourself hydrated can be made a little bit simpler with the help of a water bottle that has some high-tech features.

The HidrateSpark STEEL is Marketed as a Fitbit Product

HidrateSpark has been operational for some time at this point. In point of fact, it is one of the smart water bottles that is selling the best on Amazon.

The BPA-free gear features vacuum insulation made of steel, which can maintain the temperature of beverages for up to twenty-four hours. In addition, there is a protective spout cover that prevents spillage, keeps dirt and bacteria out, and keeps the spout clean. It is possible to clean it as long as the bottom, which contains all of the smarts, is removed first.

Those who use Fitbits on their wrists will be pleased to learn that the data from their HidrateSpark accounts will be instantly synced to the Fitbit app. This is done by pairing a smartphone with a Bluetooth connection and using the HidrateSpark app.

When determining how much water you should drink each day, the device consults a secret formula called the Hydration Equation, as well as data from your Fitbit and other factors like elevation and the weather. Because it is compatible with the Fitbit app, you can store all of the information regarding your fitness and health in a single location.

You will be notified as soon as it is time to take a gulp of the beverage. When you’ve reached your daily target, the bottle will rejoice with you by flashing its lights as a reminder to keep going. Because the light is really intense, it is highly unlikely that you will miss the warning. You’ll also be capable of seeing real-time hydration statistics on your wrist if you possess a Sense, Versa 3, or Inspire 2 smartwatch. This feature is only available on those three models.

The rest is pretty much par for the course. There is a sensor on the inside that keeps track of how much you drink in an automatic manner. The bottle has a rechargeable battery as well as a wire for rapid charging. is now accepting orders for the HiDrateSpark Steel activity tracker. It comes in black or brushed steel and can be purchased for $74.95. It also displays the Fitbit logo. For your beverage container, you can choose between a straw and a wide-mouth chugging cover.

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