Zepp E Square Smartwatch User Opinions And Reviews

Zepp E Square Smartwatch User Opinions And Reviews

Zepp E Square Wristwatch Review: The Zepp E Square smartwatch was just introduced and had many cool features. Its stunning appearance and design give it a luxury feel, making it particularly comfortable to wear both day and night. 

Most smartwatches claim to guarantee seamless performance, but they don’t deliver. The touch responsiveness of the Zepp E square provides a smooth experience right out of the box. 

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Interesting Insights

Smartwatch Zepp E Interesting Insights


The Zepp E Square smartwatch has a luxury feel right out of the box. It also gives you the impression of wearing an Apple watch. Its thin, lightweight construction makes it comfortable to wear all day. It comes with various watch faces to select from, and the vivid AMOLED screen is viewable even in direct sunlight.

This watch performs an excellent job of tracking fitness and health since it has a sophisticated health assessment system that allows you to keep track of your health. In addition, keep a close eye on your sleep and blood oxygen saturation levels. Overall, it performs an excellent job of keeping track of your health and fitness. 

The battery will last about up to 7 days with normal use. However, if you use this device in watch mode, it should survive for around 15 days. 

Overall, it’s a decent tablet. However, I believe they should have added an in-built GPS and music storage at this price. Aside from that, everything appears to be in order in terms of features and operation.


Smartwatch Zepp E Review

Display & Design 

The Zeep E square sports a bezel-less design with 3D curved edges in terms of design. It has a luxury style and is light and comfortable all day because of its ultra-thin 9mm metal body. At first sight, anyone may mistake it for an Apple watch because the display resembles one. If you want to replace the straps at any time, you can use any ordinary 20mm strap. 

This smartwatch’s minimalist design is sure to appeal to everybody. Furthermore, the square shape display makes it easier to read the text since it fits more information into a smaller space.

You may pick from six different color schemes: 

  • Deep-Sea Blue
  • Moon Gray
  • Metallic Black
  • Onyx Black
  • Pebble Gray
  • Polar Night Black

The display is a 1.65-inch always-on AMOLED screen with a sharp resolution of 348x422 pixels. The display is luminous enough to see the time, date, battery status, and notifications with indirect sunlight. However, keep in mind that leaving it on might drain the battery. 

The watch comes pre-loaded with various watch faces that may be customized on the screen. It essentially provides you control over the information displayed on your screen.

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Tracking your fitness, health, and activity 

The Zepp E Square has a health evaluation system that aids in the conversion of complex data such as activities and heart rate into a single measure. The method assigns you a rating to help you comprehend your body’s physical status. 

When participating in high-intensity sports or high-altitude, low-oxygen conditions, the SPO2 function analyses oxygen saturation and shows your health. SpO2 can also be used to diagnose illnesses and disorders. Overall, it’s rather beneficial in that it warns you about your breathing difficulties.

The Zepp E Square sleep monitor reliably detects several stages of sleep, including REM (rapid eye movement), sleep cycle, light sleep, and waking time, providing you with insights into your sleeping habit. This watch offers you a sleep count that indicates how well you slept when you woke up. 

You may assess stress levels anywhere and at any time using stress monitoring. You may track your stress levels by using the severe stress tracking option. In addition, the watch offers 11 sports modes to aid in fitness. This watch can track wellness statistics like steps, calories, distance, etc.

Functionality & Features 

Smartwatch Zepp E Functionality & Features 


The Zepp E Square is resistant to a depth of 50 meters, making it appropriate for shallow water swimming. In addition, this watch can track your activity when swimming, which appears to be quite useful for swimmers. 


The Zepp E can receive text, incoming calls, messages, and other social network popup notifications like any other wristwatch. Aside from that, it provides you an alert when your heart rate surpasses a specific threshold, which I believe is a wonderful feature to have.

Sedentary Reminder

If you have an inactive lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting, it may be detrimental to your health. The sedentary reminder function will alert you if you have been lying down for an extended time, allowing you to get up and conduct some activities instead of sitting and doing nothing. 


For improved health evaluation, it incorporates a Biological Tracking Optical Sensor. Also included are an acceleration sensor, a geomagnetic sensor, an ambient light sensor, and a linear vibration motor for enhanced sports activity monitoring. Bluetooth 5.0 is also used for the connection. 

Other Important Features 

  • Use your smartphone to control the music you’re listening to. 
  • Get a variety of pre-loaded watch faces that you may customize. 
  • Heart rate monitoring in real-time 
  • The display is always on 
  • Both Android and iOS are supported.

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Preview of the Zepp E App 

Preview of the Zepp E App 


To link the Zepp E wristwatch with your smartphone, you must first download the Zepp official app (formerly called Amazfit). The program is accessible on both the Play Store and Apple’s app store because this wristwatch supports both the Android and iOS ecosystems. 

  • You may use this app to track your steps, sleep hours, heart rate, calories burnt, ECG, and SpO2 levels. 
  • After your workout, keep track of your statistics, including a comprehensive route and numerous exercise data analyses. 
  • Use PAI to your advantage. 
  • New watch faces may be downloaded and synced with the watch. 
  • Manage notifications, watch face change, widget rearranging, incoming call notification configuration, and SMS notification setup, among other things.

Life of the Batteries 

The Zepp smartwatch may last up to 7 days on a single charge with regular usage. When utilizing the Always-On display setting, the battery drains substantially faster. A magnetic charging station and two Pogo Pins are used to charge the device. And it normally takes two hours to charge it completely. 

The battery may last up to 15 days in basic watch mode. 

What’s the distinction between Zepp E Square and Zepp E Circle? 

What's the distinction between Zepp E Square and Zepp E Circle? 

Except for the style and display, there aren’t many differences in features and characteristics. The rest of the features and functionality haven’t changed. As a result, you can choose any variation that appeals to you.

Zepp E Square

Zepp E Square

  • Band Colors & Materials - Polar Night Black: Leather Band, Moon Grey: Leather Band, Deep-Sea Blue: Leather Band, Metallic Black Special Edition, Onyx Black: Fluoroelastomer Band, Pebble Gray: Fluoroelastomer Band
  • Dimension - 43.3×35.7×9.0mm
  • Weight - 36g
  • Size - 1.65-inch
  • Resolution - 348×442
  • PPI - 341

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Zepp E Circle

Zepp E Circle

  • Band Colors & Materials - Polar Night Black: Leather Band, Moon Grey: Leather Band, Champagne Gold: Special Edition, Onyx Black: Fluoroelastomer Band, Ice Blue: Fluoroelastomer Band
  • Dimension - 42.2×42.2×9.1mm
  • Weight - 32g
  • Size - 1.28-inch
  • Resolution - 416×416
  • PPI - 326


  1. What is the status of the warranty? 

Zepp provides a one-year guarantee covering both the device and the charging cord. 

  1. Is it possible to make calls and send texts straight from the watch? 

You can’t do anything but mute and refuse calls from the watch. 

  1. What operating system does it run on? 

Zepp has its unique operating system. 

  1. Does Zepp come with a music storage device? 

It does not have a storage feature. To manage the music playback, you must connect with your smartphone. 

  1. Is it compatible with iPhones? 

Yes, it certainly is. It works on Android and iOS devices too.

  1. Is Zepp able to display the current weather? 

It certainly does.

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However, I am dissatisfied with this watch because it lacks an in-built GPS and music storage. Still, I’d suggest it because the Zepp E square has a fantastic health monitoring system with a quality design and feel that will impress you. Please update in the comment section if you have any questions.

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