Smartwatches made by Amazfit are now compatible with those made by Google Fit

There is now the ability to connect directly with Google Fit for Amazfit smartwatches. In the past, users were required to discover a workaround in order to establish a connection.

The new features may be found in the most recent version (4.2.0) of the app, which was released on April 20. It’s interesting to note that the log files that accompany Huami make no mention of the issue.

To turn it on, open the app, go to the Profile page, scroll to the bottom, and then hit the Add Accounts button. You’ll have access to a lot of different alternatives, such as WeChat, Strava, and now Google Fit.

When you have finished entering your credentials, the connection will be established automatically in the background. The Amazfit app syncs with Google Fit so that your heart rate, workouts, steps, and sleep can all be seen in one place.

Up until this point, the Google Fit feature has only been made available on the Android version of the app. It is hoped that the corporation will soon begin offering this feature for iPhones as well.

The majority of wearable technology software already supports Google Fit, so it’s encouraging to see Huami catching up to the competition. Users are able to keep track of all of their activity and health information related to their Google Accounts and share this information with other applications and devices thanks to this service.

Over the course of the previous year, the search engine giant invested a significant amount of time and energy into developing new technologies. At the beginning of this month, Google Fit shifted its emphasis from moving for a certain number of minutes to counting the number of steps taken. In addition to that, it was redesigned and given brand new tiles.

The integration will work with all of the different models of Amazfit smartwatches, including the Amazfit GTS, the Amazfit GTR, the Bip range, the Verge range, the Stratos range, the Pace, and the T-Rex. Amazon has only just started selling the last item on this list, which was made available there a few days ago. Previously, it was exclusively available for purchase in Asia and via a limited number of worldwide shops operating from that continent. We are still waiting for the Stratos 3 and Bip S to become properly available around the world.

Huami has also announced that beginning on April 28th, customers will be able to acquire their very own Amazfit X fitness band via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. This one features a forward-looking design and pioneering curved display technology built into it. And let’s not forget the mysterious hardy smartwatch codenamed Amazfit Ares that is currently under development.

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