Snap is sitting on tens of hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyeglasses that have not been sold

It’s possible that Snapchat has already sold more than 150,000 pairs of eyeglasses, but it appears that the firm has grossly underestimated the level of demand.

Snap generated excitement about the smart specs by conducting intermittent sales of the product, which made it difficult to locate the glasses. During the time that spectacles were considered to be in high demand, there were occasions on which they were sold for close to a thousand dollars on eBay. You may now find the video-recording sunglasses at a wider variety of merchants, including Amazon and others. You can also purchase them directly from the manufacturer.

However, it would appear that there was really no requirement to restrict demand to such a great extent. According to a claim that was published in The Information, there are hundreds of thousands of pairs that have not been sold and they are just languishing in warehouses in China. This is in contrast to the recent remark made by the CEO of the firm, Evan Spiegel, in which he claimed that the sales data for the first year significantly exceeded their expectations.

The fact that Snapchat specs haven’t really taken off arguably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. There was a great deal of puffery surrounding it, and the fact that the firm made it difficult to acquire them contributed to the hype. The problem is that Snap fell for its own hype and became complacent.

The Snap executives “were so thrilled by early chatter about the Spectacles—there were long queues at first for the mobile vending machines that distributed the glasses—that they purchased a huge amount,” according to company sources who spoke anonymously to The Information.

For those who aren’t aware, the intelligent specs were made available to the public a little under a year ago. You are effectively getting a pair of sunglasses for children that have a video camera built into them. Users are able to record a continuous video for either 10 or 30 seconds thanks to this feature. The movie captures the human perspective with a field of vision that is similar to the natural field of view of the human eye. This field of view is 115 degrees.

Since it went public in March, the share price of Snap has consistently been trading at a discount to its initial public offering price. At this point, all attention is being focused on the company’s earnings report for the third quarter, which is scheduled to be released on November 7th. The company struggled to show any signs of profitability in its first two earnings reports, which showed disappointing statistics. The company has struggled to show any signs of profitability.

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