Snoring Detection Startup is Purchased by SleepScore Labs

Snoring Detection Startup is Purchased by SleepScore Labs

The acquisition of, a company located in the Netherlands, was revealed by SleepScore Labs, the company that developed the non-contact sleep improvement system, SleepScore Max.

Additional Reading: Best Apple Watch Band For Kids was established in 2014, and their best known work is an application that helps those who snore and stop grinding their teeth. The latter is a disorder that is referred to in the medical field as bruxism. Although it is not always accompanied by symptoms, facial pain is a symptom that is experienced by some individuals who have this condition. Additionally, it has the potential to utterly destroy your molars over time. A recent study that was conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that more than thirty percent of individuals snore, while approximately eight percent of adults grind their teeth.

On both iTunes and Google Play, the app has been installed at a rate that exceeds a quarter of a million times. The user of the app might be prompted to change their sleeping posture if the app detects that they are snoring. It also keeps track of how you change over time and makes suggestions for any medical treatment you might need. 

Michael Allessie, the Founder and Former CEO of, has recently joined SleepScore Labs in the role of Vice President of Snoring and Bruxism. “We are just at the commencement of what we’re doing to help make people’s lives better by a diagnosis of the disease and trying to improve their sleep habits, assisting them to get better medical care and consequences,” Allessie said. has become a part of SleepScore Labs.

“I think that with the knowledge and passion of the SleepScore Labs team and the technology that is now available, we will be able to change the way people think about sleep over the next few years and help people make big changes to how they sleep,”

Recently, we conducted an evaluation of SleepScore Labs’ main product, SleepScore Max, and based on our findings, we ranked it an outstanding 8 out of a possible 10 points. The device’s ability to track the amount of time you spend sleeping is what sets it apart from similar products. It works in a manner that is analogous to the echolocation mechanism that bats employ, and it does so without coming into contact with either you or the surface on which you sleep. This means that there are to be no wristbands or mattress strips used.

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The loud sounds, light levels, and temperature in your environment are some of the important sleep-related elements that the sensors in the gizmo can monitor in your environment. These, including how they influence the quality of your sleep, are assessed in order to provide you with individualized recommendations that will assist you in obtaining a more restful night’s sleep. You will receive information regarding light, heavy, and REM sleep, as well as an overall sleep rating in the morning.

Even though the app will still be available for download on its own, it is very likely that SleepScore Labs will use the app’s technology in both its current and future products as a result of the deal.

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