Some Good Roasts, Comebacks And Insults That No One Teach You!

Some Good Roasts, Comebacks And Insults That No One Teach You!

To know some good roasts and insulting sentences is really necessary if you want to know people around The United States well and soak up its culture. Always use some good roasts with creative language when it comes to insulting, but always be careful. After all, life would be much more boring without tacos.

Why is it good to make use of some good roasts to insult someone in any language?

We know that swearing and profanity is not good or in good taste, but not everything in this life is and we have to recognize that on a day-to-day basis they are sometimes more than necessary. In fact, according to some studies, swearing can even be good for your health. According to studies by the University of Keele, in the United Kingdom, swearing is healthy  for our mental health, with physical and psychological benefits that range from alleviating pain after a blow or increasing sports performance to liberation, emotional and stress or the act of appearing more honest to other people.

For this reason, since this is not going to be taught to you at school, we have prepared this guide for you to learn to insult as it is commanded. Profanity and bad words and many can have more than one use that we still do not know, but we show you the most common. Beware , if you are one of those who are easily offended, do not continue reading!

PS . We are not responsible for what may happen if you use the expressions in this article, but instead, if you want to learn real rosts in an entertaining way, we do take responsibility. 

Insult: The most everyday tacos

Insult: The most everyday tacos

Shit S

Among the most versatile of the offensive and vulgar words is shit , “shit” for us . Like fuck, shit comes from the Germanic and Scandinavian languages and is one of the oldest words in English. It was originally a technical term to refer to cattle diarrhea.

You can also say that something is “shit”, to be shit, and that means both that it is crap and that it is something that is great. That ambiguity is defined by the context.

A curious fact is that old forms of  shit  appear in the name of some English places, such as Schitebroc , which literally means “shit river”. Today, this word is the queen to insult, since it appears in a lot of rude and quite scatological expressions. Here are some examples:

Eat shit – Literally meaning, “eat shit.” Sharp and offensive.

Bullshit- It is used to mark that we do not believe what someone is saying, in Spanish we would say something like “shitty lie”, “nonsense”, “trolas”.

Shit-faced – Literally means “shit face” but is actually drunk or under the influence of drugs )

Shithead- Despicable person, or said more vulgarly, the one of all life, “Asshole”.

Shitting Bricks -« Shitting bricks » means that you are terribly scared, you shit yourself with fear, which is called «scared».

I don’t give a shit – It is a way of saying that something does not interest you too much and to make sure that they do not insist on you. It means ” I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a damn.”

When the shit hits the fan – It is an expression of the underworld to say that the shit will come out and “the fat will be armed”, that is, that a news will be made public and it will not be good. It’s very gangster movie and you’ll want to use it for sure.

Dipshit-Dipshit  is much more offensive than  dipstick , which in its usual meaning is simply the dipstick to measure the oil level of a car. Stick  is basically a stick.  Dip , in general, can be a verb with the meaning of submerging, bathing, moistening, etc. And  shit.. You already have an idea, right?


A fun and versatile word, literally: the testicles. Eggs, balls, balls ... With many meanings, it is also used to say that something is bullshit or balls, as best as possible, if it is accompanied by the. If you say it by yourself, it’s just an exclamation when you make a mistake, like “Shit!”

The art of insulting by using some good roasts is priceless


This is one of the most used insults or vulgar words to insult . You will have already heard it in movies or series. Quite similar to the very Castilian “joder”, fuck is perhaps the most popular insult and is used by both Americans and British as well as others. Currently it is used to basically say “shit”, if you say it just, to dry, and to refer to sexual relations (fuck, get laid). It is malleable, and it depends on the region, it is not one of the most aggressive insults, although it depends on the context, of course.

Often, to be polite, speakers refer to it with the euphemism the  F bomb . Its origins can be traced back to Norwegian fukka and Swedish  focka , meaning “to copulate.” Examples of its use are found in English literature from the 16th century. In the late 19th century, fuck  was also used as an acronym for the phrases  for unlawful carnal knowledge  and  fornication under consent of the king. About Fuck you have to know the following:

Fuck you/Fuck off- «Fuck you», «Fuck you», «Fuck you», «Fuck you», «Fuck you», «Fuck you»…You can speak louder but not clearer, right?

I don’t give a fuck


The word  bitch has several common uses to insult, as a derogatory insult towards women (bitch, slut or whore) and also to refer to bitches (the animal, come on). In the Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue , they refer to this word as “ the most offensive appellation that can be given to an woman ”. Here are the most common uses:

It is a bitch- It’s a roll, a can, a pain

Bitch about – Putear someone (This vocabulary is essential in the colloquial language between friends)

Son of a bitch -As they would say in Narcos, «son of a bitch».


Mentar to hell are used as a rude expression of surprise or indignation. Its origin is in the old Scandinavian: Hel was the name of the daughter of Loki in Norwegian mythology, the one in charge of reigning over hell. We owe a lot to this goddess when it comes to insulting in English.

What the hell…?

What the hell…?  What the hell do you want? (The demons are usually replaced by other words that you can already imagine. The most recurrent is but what the hell, but what the hell, but what the heck…

Bloody Hell – The fucking mother

Damn it to hell – Another very rich expression that comes to say “Shit, I shit on ten, I shit on the whore, I shit on milk”, even all together…

Go to hell/Get the hell out – “Go to hell” or “Go to hell”

Give someone hell – «Give someone a good ball jerk», very useful to reconcile Business at work .

Hell, no -A very expressive refusal. It means “Not kidding, not crazy, not drunk, not fed up with wine”

Shut the hell up


This more elegant expression , whose rough translation is “ damn it ”, is a combination of God  and  damn . Damn  comes from the Latin  damnare , meaning “to damn,” while God  comes from the Norse  goth . The combination of both as a profanity comes from the Hundred Years’ War, when the French realized the English’s fondness for insults and began to refer to them as les  goddems .


Perhaps we would use “ garbage” or “crap ” to mean crap. It has the function of adjective but also of noun. In addition to insulting, it is used to say that something is wrong or of very low quality, as a form of complaint.


It is a light insult that is commonly heard in the media. In Spanish we could also say “ carajo ”. It is used to express both surprise and disgust. It is a kind of “ shit ” but more of a good vibe, to insult in a lighter way.


Bloody is a swear word meaning “ cursed ” and can be inserted into almost any sentence. It is believed that it began to be used at the beginning of the 17th century and that it comes from the bloods , an aristocratic group famous for being drunk most of the time. 

Some of the best roasts: A thousand ways to call someone “idiot”

Some of the best roasts: A thousand ways to call someone "idiot"


We could say that the equivalent is “stupid”, “idiot”, or any other word that serves to indicate the lack of intelligence or ability of a person. Let’s say he’s an ” idiot bastard”, “asshole fool ”. It goes one step further than Idiot and Stupid . It is somewhat more colloquial to insult, so it is more common to hear it on the street. 


Although it comes from the word wank or the verb to wank, which means “to give oneself pleasure”, wanker, used to insult, does not have any sexual meaning, since it is practically used to call someone an ” idiot ” or “ asshole .” Its American equivalent would be Jerk .


It comes from the word Tosspot,  which is used to refer to someone foolish. Tosser , however, has taken on a broader meaning and is used to describe  people who are annoying or considered pathetic , although there are people who maintain that it has the same meaning as  wanker . It is not always easy to establish the degree of idiocy of someone when it comes to insulting.


In the 16th century, this word was synonymous with  buttocks , or what is the same, “ass”. In 1955 the first reference to this very British insult appeared with the meaning of “ fool ” or “ imbecile” . A “ bloogaitas” of a lifetime. Its use became popular from the 1960s. However, the original meaning of the term has remained in compound voices such as pratfall , which literally means “to fall on one’s ass”.

Douche/douchebag :

There is no real difference between these two typical American English terms for insult in English. Douche  is simply short for  Douchebag. Both words would be equivalent to our “ asshole ”. When the term is not being used offensively, a douche  refers to a douching , the douchebag being  the device used for that purpose. The association of an insult of this type with the genitals is quite common, as you can already see.

Bellend :

This insult can be used in a more affectionate  and less aggressive context than most of those that populate this list. Very practical to leave your Yankee friend stunned by telling him in an affectionate tone:  what a bellend you are! It’s perfect for telling your friends what idiotic assholes they are.

Good Roasts


Of Norwegian origin, from the 16th century, it comes from the word pillicock , which means penis, a Norwegian slang word used to refer to the male sexual member. Although it retains the meaning, as an insult it does not refer to a bad person, but is used to refer to a person who is considered stupid, idiotic, clumsy, annoying or who does very stupid things.


The word  plonker has been used since the mid-nineteenth century to refer to  something larger than usual in its category . With that meaning, its adoption as a synonym for the male member was a matter of time. And from there to insult, one step. It is used to call a silly, clueless, inept, idiotic or clumsy person.


A mixture of “silly” and “clumsy”, which the dictionary translates as “bobalicón” . The word  clot  is more used with the meaning of “clot” or “coagulate”, so it is surely the equivalent of our “blood does not reach the head”. Although this word is clearly British, in Jamaica  it is common to use  bloodclot  as an insult to refer to someone as “fool ass”.

Duffer :

Normally duffer is used  to talk about those who have screwed up in a specific task , although in general it refers to a stupid and incompetent person . It began to be used to refer especially to bad golf players . Although this use is still in force, the use of  duffer  as an insult has been extended to more general aspects. Its etymology is not clear, since several sources for this word are considered: from the Scottish voice of 1842,  duffar , which meant “fool”; to the slang used by thieves in the 18th century,  duff , which referred to  the handling of something old and of little valueto make it look new and attractive in the eyes of would-be unwary. Although the slur is British, duffer  is used in Australia for  cattle rustlers .


According to a BT Openreach survey, it is  the favorite word of the Scots . It originated in the 1980s, apparently as an alteration of the also insulting compound word  numbskull (airhead ) It’s talking about someone crazy and stupid at the same time , those people who are so incredibly stupid that you don’t know if they really must be crazy.


Swearing way to describe the aristocracy, it means “rich man.” Also for people who appear to have money or to be posh wearing expensive clothes but that is all facade.

Cursing gracefully, Lady Violet’s specialty at Downtonn Abbey

Cursing gracefully, Lady Violet's specialty at Downtonn Abbey

Ass hole

Ass is another word for buttocks or anus, but it is commonly used to describe someone who is rude or mean. It can also be used to refer to a donkey or mule in a non-vulgar way. A particularly offensive word to insult is usually Asshole, something like “ cerd o” or “ mamón ” in Spain.

It is probably one of the most well-known insults. Although it literally means “ asshole ”, to say that someone is an  Arsehole is basically to call them an asshole, a stupid, irritating or worthless person . . It began to be used in the 1500s, and its metaphorical sense was to refer to the worst place in a region. The first time it was used to insult someone is believed to date back to 1933. Its American equivalent is asshole .


Knob  is synonymous with other similar insults like  dick  or  cock , all of which are colloquial ways of referring to the penis. Knobhead  is a variant, just as  dickhead  or  dickface can be . So rough, it would be “carapolla” , but it is not necessary to go to the literal translation. In Spanish we also have beautiful compound meanings very similar to these, such as “ fools ” or the aforementioned “ asshole ”. If in the end it’s always the same, “ idiot”, “asshole” “imbecile”, “slobbery” .

Insult: Only for those you like the worst

Some good roasts for those you like the worst


Particularly offensive, it is an insult to someone who had inappropriate behavior or attitudes. The literal translation is “someone who has sex with her mother”, the real translation is to tell someone that they are a bad person « Son of a bitch» . Motherfucker is like Son of a bitch but it is much more widespread throughout the world.


“ Bastard ” is used to insult a person who has a morally reprehensible behavior, which means “ bastard” or “ disgraceful ” all his life.

You can also say Badass , a person who tends to break with authority, although it is also used to say that something is great. It would be like our typical « What a bastard… » when in reality we are praising someone.

If you want to add a bit of intensity to your insult, it’s always a good idea to start with “Oh” and end with something like you idiot, you bastard, or better yet you stupid moron.

Sod off

« Go to hell, go to hell, go fuck yourself, go fuck yourself «…It’s a very rich expression to say the same thing in different ways. You can also use its variants, bugger off , piss off, screw off. Sod simply means “idiot” and as for screw , in addition to a noun meaning “screw” it is also a verb meaning “to spoil” or “fornicate”. Guess which one is used in this expression. Sod and bugger are vulgar ways of referring to “sodomize”, something that we also use very frequently in Spanish, by the way.


The literal translation of  louse  is “ louse ”, but in colloquial American English it can be used to refer, like the rest of the terms on this list, to a despicable being. It is possible that some recognize the term as the root of the adjective lousy , which in addition to meaning “ infested with lice ”, is often used to mention something of very poor quality.

Plug-ugly / pug-ugly:

These two expressions, very similar to each other, are used to refer to someone who is absolutely ugly . However, its origin is different. The Plug Uglies were a gang of Baltimore thugs who used to terrorize the neighborhood in the mid-19th century. If you have seen the movie  Gangs of New York  ( Martin Scorsese, 2002), you already know where the shots are going.

This term is clearly Yankee, while the British prefer to use the second term,  pug-ugly . Although some believe that the term comes from the pug dog breed, the truth is that  pug  is an abbreviation of  pugilist. It seems that the typical features of boxers (swollen face, broken nose, broken teeth…) were not considered a beauty canon even then.


Surely you already know that “piss” is the dirty sister of “urine” . The word Piss refers to both the action (piss) and the fluid (piss). Its origin dates back to the 14th century and comes from French ( pissier ) and Vulgar Latin ( pissiare ). After World War II, it began to be used as an intensifying adjective:  piss-poor ( of low category) , piss-ugly (very ugly)  Put the accent on piss and you will sound like a native. Some common expressions with Piss to insult would be the following:

Piss someone off – If someone pisses you off, they are touching your balls. “Touching the eggs” is something very Spanish, and that is something you have to know.

Piss Pot / pisspot - Another term to refer to a rude, unpleasant, mean and petty person, the literal translation of this compound word, “pee pot”, leaves no room for imagination: “pee pot”. The first references to this phrase date back to the fifteenth century, where pisspot  was a colloquial and vulgar term used to precisely designate a chamber pot. Later, its use would pass to that of the offensive term that is currently used. In Australia, this word is used to designate a drunk.

Piss off – Fuck you, fuck you. It’s a good answer for the person who pissed you off.

Pissed off- Derived from the previous word, it is used to say that one is angry. In Spanish it would be, “cabreado” or “to be on my ass”.

Oh piss off you idiot – It’s like saying “Come on, go fuck yourself, please”. We love


Mostly used in the north of England,  Minger  is used to refer to an ugly, very unattractive person. As would be said very much in the neighborhood, someone “ ugly as hell”, “esperpernto”, “callo” . It also has the meaning of unpleasant and/or disgusting ( disgusting ). The origin of the word comes from Scotland, where they use ming to refer to a bad smell, although it is speculated that it comes from the old Scottish term, meng , which meant “shit” In the year 2000, British teenagers began to use it to describe what they considered unpleasant. Minger is used for the feminine gender and MunterIt is the male version.

How much

The most offensive rudeness. If you want to start a fight in a pub, call someone cunt and you’ll have it . It literally means “pussy” or “vagina”, but the figurative and informal one is a stronger insult than Motherfucker or Son of a bitch . In English this word, which is also used to say that someone is stupid or a “son of a bitch”, is taboo and is very frowned upon. Much.


Softer, less offensive alternative to Cunt . Another word to refer to the vagina is Pussy and it is also used to say that someone is a coward.


In the UK, a stronger insult is used that also means vagina, which is a derogatory way of calling a person an “arrogant asshole”.

In short, the truth is that there is nothing like using your mother tongue to send someone to drink where the cucumbers are bitter… but at least you already know some ways to say it, just in case, you never know.

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