Something went wrong, there was a major Fitbit server outage

Fitbit users in North America, Europe, and Australia have been affected by a large server outage. For the past few hours, the synchronizing services have been unavailable, as have the forum web pages.

When the number of visitors to the page on our website that describes what to do if your Fitbit isn’t syncing increased dramatically, we feared something was wrong. You can attempt a variety of options, including rebooting the device, updating the firmware, and resetting the Bluetooth connection, among others. None of these, however, would have fixed your situation late yesterday because it was all Fitbit’s fault.

It appears that the corporation was experiencing technological difficulties, which manifested as widespread server outages. Users reported having trouble syncing their fitness trackers and smartwatches, as well as logging into the smartphone app. The problem first emerged at 1 p.m. London time, according to

This does happen from time to time, but in this case the technical issue was far more serious. North American users appear to have been the hardest hit, followed by European and Australian users. The last time this happened was around January 19th, and before that it happened on December 27th and 24th, though to a lesser amount.

Fitbit, to be fair, was quick to respond to the challenge. Their support team instantly took to Twitter and other social media platforms to inform users that there was a problem.

What should I do?

When this happens, the most important thing to remember is not to panic. If you delete the programme, you’ll be adding to your workload because you’ll have to reinstall everything. The best course of action is to continue using the device as usual while deferring the sync until the servers are operational again.

These kinds of issues make you ask why Fitbit doesn’t keep a backup of all your data on your smartphone. Perhaps make an attempt to keep the database as little as possible on your local device. However, it appears that this is the industry standard, as most other businesses follow suit.

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