Soon, Xiaomi will introduce not one but two brand new Mi Kids smartwatches.

The Mi Bunny Watch 3 is Xiaomi’s newest smartwatch designed just for children.

In the past several weeks, Bluetooth certification has been granted to two new smartwatches that have been released by Xiaomi. Both of these watches will be a continuation of the successful Mi Kids (Bunny) smartwatch line that the firm has been producing.

A little more than two years ago, the Chinese technology firm Mi debuted the first edition of its Mi Bunny smart speaker. This makes the company a relative newcomer to this market. The initial release had a rather restricted set of features, but Xiaomi quickly followed it up with a pair more devices that had a far wider range of capabilities.

The Mi Bunny Watch 3 and the Mi Bunny Watch 3C, which came out earlier this summer, were the most recent incarnations in the range. They make it possible for children to make phone calls from their wrists, there is an embedded camera on board that can take pictures and movies in full high definition, and there are many other features.

But now we know to anticipate more watches in the Xiaomi kids’ line, so we can look forward to those. In the early part of this month, the database of the Bluetooth SIG was updated to include the wearables. On September 10th, the first of them was signed up for registration. The Mi Bunny Smartwatch 4 Pro can be identified by the product code MTSB08XUN and goes by the moniker Mi Bunny Smartwatch.

The registration details do not give very much information other than the fact that the device is compatible with Bluetooth version 5.0. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to anticipate that the watch will come equipped with an AMOLED display, LTE capabilities, a camera, and fitness-related features.

The additional accreditation that was published on the 20th of September adds a touch of ambiguity to the situation. Mi Kids Smartwatch 2S is the name given to this particular model, which carries the model number MTSB09XUN. It is possible that it is an updated version of one of the earlier gadgets. This is the most likely explanation. Nothing else is known about it other than the fact that it supports Bluetooth 4.0.

Expect at least one of these, and possibly both of them, to become available within the next month or two. This time around, we are keeping our fingers crossed that there will be a version available for the global market that includes compatibility with a number of other languages.

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