Specs and photos of the new Garmin Forerunner 945 are available


We’ve written a lot about the rumored Garmin Forerunner 945. According to a recent FCC registration and a leak on Garmin’s own website, the sports watch is anticipated to be released soon. Reddit users now have access to some updated pictures that provide a realistic preview of the device’s appearance.

Some people assumed the Forerunner 945 would feature a rectangular screen based on information in the FCC registration. This has always appeared quite implausible, and it now appears that this will not be the case.

The source of the leaked photographs is unclear, but they do appear to be authentic. Remember, though, that none of this is finalized just yet.

The 945 appears to be fairly similar to its predecessor, the 935, as seen in the photos. The 935, which debuted back in March 2017, is a good combination of fashion and utility. It provides comparable functionality to the Fenix 5 series at a little lower price and a smaller form factor.

In fact, when I look at the 935 on my wrist while writing this piece, it seems precisely the same. It’s highly likely that Garmin chose to maintain the watch’s size and appearance in order to maintain or extend battery life. With a battery that lasts up to two weeks between charges, the current edition is already excellent in that regard (24 hours in GPS mode with optical heart rate).

Even though we lack the exact specifications, the screen shots provide some internals-related hints. This implies that the watch has new Firstbeat measures and offline music storage. According to an earlier leak, the 945 will include Garmin Pay.

Maps in color will also be included with the 945. In fact, it appears that a portion of the Boston Marathon course from a few days ago is depicted in the picture above. Navigation, location tracking, and round-trip route creation are all possible with this map feature.

We anticipate the gadget to match the 645 in terms of offline music storage. So anticipate 4GB of memory with up to 500 songs’ worth of space. With Bluetooth headphones attached and the capability active, you can stream music without a smartphone. A few music streaming providers are also accessible through it.

The 945’s owners can anticipate fresh Firstbeat numbers. The load focus is the one that is visible in the leak. Based on the intensity and composition of each activity recorded, this categorizes your training load into different groups. Body Resources, Race Time Predictor, and other parameters might also find their way onto the device.

The SpO2 sensor that was attached to the Marq, Fenix 5 Plus, and Vivosmart 4 is likely to be included with the 945, according to our speculation. During the day and at night, this measures blood oxygen levels automatically. Additionally, the new ELEVATE heart module will definitely be present.

Nobody knows when the film will be released. The regularity of these leaks suggests that a formal disclosure won’t be far off. The Forerunner 245 is the other Garmin item we anticipate in the near future. On this page, you can read more about it.


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