Stappone: Look at Your Feet and then the Rest of your Body

Stappone: Look at Your Feet and then the Rest of your Body

A new intelligent insole called Stappon that was funded on Kickstarter detects your complete body through your foot. It can spot issues with movement and posture and won’t be afraid to point them out.

The insole, which was created in Austria by medical professionals, is equipped with cutting-edge pressure and acceleration sensors that track movement, position, and pressure. Simply put the device in your shoes and carry on with your day.

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The cutting-edge wearable creates a profile of your particular body movement and provides on-the-go habit formation assistance through real-time auditory cues. In the supplemental app, you may even view a detailed 3D map of your actual posture and movement.

Stappon will alert you if it discovers an issue that needs medical care. It can detect a variety of problems, including weariness, back discomfort, foot abnormalities, spinal misalignment, musculoskeletal weakness, and more. The clever insoles get smarter the longer you use them.

The abrasion-proof, washable, and antimicrobial insoles function as fitness trackers. You’ll receive detailed data on your number of steps, travel distance, and caloric expenditure. It automatically detects activity and will provide you with a single measure that will allow you to quickly determine whether you have been sufficiently active. Your weight is measured by the wearable.

“We want to use stappone to combat the widespread affliction of inactivity. According to Peter Krimmer, the inventor of stAPPtronics, “almost two thirds of people engage in little to no exercise.”

“This is precisely where stappone, a discreet everyday companion, comes into play. The wearer can “hack” their own health by analysing, tracking, and optimising their everyday movement patterns, which helps them prevent back pain and boosts their Fitness and energy.

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The insoles have built-in GPS sensors, accelerometers, and internal memory, so you can use them without a smartphone. Up to three days can pass between charges for the battery.

Prices start at 49 euros.

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