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Appeared in the world’s best development RPG Japan App Store!

From Salah Forest covered in green of the magic continent to the sacred celestial edge!

Enter the ancient ruins with your exclusive hero and attach evil forces and sexes!

AutoPlay in Idle Heroes

AutoPlay in Idle Heroes

  • Autoplay just to send a hero team!
  • Just neglect to win the rare item and legendary hero!

Hundreds of strategies in Idle Heroes

Hundreds of strategies in Idle Heroes

  • The number of heroes from different camps exceeds 200! Unique freedom with unique skills!
  • Blacksmith & collection of favorite rare weapons is possible!
  • Extraordinary equipment and perfect strategy are indispensable for greatly increasing the strength!
  • No complicated operation is required at all!

You can experience Idle Heroes game with relaxation

playing idle heroes on pc

  • Various elements of burning elements. Battle, underground castle, hero quest, collecting, training!
  • Tower of daze, stadium, guild!
  • Full of elements involved!
  • Friendship is invincible! Passion full of guilds!
  • Powerful together with fellow guild challenge to the boss!
  • Other guild ownership of the fighting and the floating island on our hands!
  • Friends and the strongest guild Let’s make up. Legend is produced by your hands!
  • Let’s challenge players around the world and players around the world at the competition stadium!
  • Enter the top of the ranking and show off your power to the bravery to the whole world! The game also reward luxurious booty items!

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