STATSports Introduces a Wearable Tracking Device for Soccer Performance to the General Public

The APEX Athlete Collection is STATSports’ pioneering new wearable for measuring soccer players’ performances, and it was just released. Because of this equipment, amateur athletes can use the same innovation as professionals.

The apparatus collects a large amount of data and is worn in a vest, in the hollow between the shoulder blades. These parameters include things like distance, speed, weariness, and the potential for injury.

“There has never been an individual player who has had the capacity to oversee and measure their progress with actual data instances, establishing vital individual benchmarks along the way. This is a game-changing capability.” According to the chief marketing officer at STATSports, Sean O’Connor, this data can be utilized to compare performance metrics by a place with national standards as well as those of elite NCAA players.

“Not only do the statistics help to increase efficiency, but they may also uncover motion asymmetries and provide an athlete who is recovering from injury the essential knowledge that is required to come back and play with assurance,”

Soon after its establishment in 2007, the Northern Irish company began supplying its innovations to some of the most successful leagues in the competition across a variety of sports. This encompasses the National Football League, the NBA, as well as La Liga.

STATSports has just recently been awarded a contract with the US Soccer Federation that will last for five years. As part of the agreement, about 6,500 APEX GPS tracking units will be made available to US men’s, women’s, youth, Paralympic, futsal, and beach national teams, as well as to NWSL Development Academy clubs and NWSL clubs.

In addition, the corporation entered into a multi-year collaboration with the Brazilian national team in preparation for the World Cup that will take place this year. During the competition, a number of other countries, including Germany, Portugal, Belgium, and England, also used the innovation.

The price at retail for the STATSports APEX Athlete Series is €279.99. It may be purchased at any location in the world by going to

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