Steel HR is now available from Nokia just in time for the holidays

A little more than a year after the company’s acquisition of Withings, Nokia has announced that the famous Steel HR timepiece will soon be available to purchase. Those who pre-order their smartphone now can anticipate receiving it some time during the month of December.

Since the acquisition of Withings for $191 million, Nokia has reintroduced a number of the company’s devices, such as the Nokia Go, Nokia Steel, and Nokia Thermo, in addition to the Nokia BPM+ and Nokia Body+ scales. The widely used Withings Steel HR timepiece was conspicuously absent from the list.

An essential read: the review of the Withings Steel HR, a watch that looks sophisticated and classic but also has a heart rate monitor.

There are some people who have no interest in having a fitness tracker that looks sporty and is strapped to their wrist. A lot of individuals would rather have something that has the appearance and sensation of a conventional watch while still having the capabilities that are typical of modern smartwatches.

The Activite Steel HR, much like its predecessors in the family of Activite watches, has the appearance of a traditional analogue watch. The device made of stainless steel, on the other hand, goes a little bit further. It has both an optical monitor for the heart rate as well as a small digital display for showing notifications from your smartphone. In the course of our review, we discovered that it was one of the few smartwatches that successfully blended fashionable design with useful features.

Nokia claims that it has made some software enhancements to the wearable device, and that the upcoming version will come with an improved heart rate algorithm. The face will also be upgraded to sapphire glass, which will further ensure that the watch is water-resistant to a depth of 50 metres.

Pre-orders of the Steel HR are now being accepted on It is available in a case size of either 36mm or 40mm, as well as your choice of either black or white.

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