Support for Garmin Fenix 6 and Apple Watch OS 6 has been added to the latest version of Humon Hex

In the recent days, Humon Hex has gotten a number of improvements, some of which include support for the Garmin Fenix 6 as well as compatibility with the iOS13 and Watch OS 6 operating systems.

When it comes to wearable technology, Humon Hex is in a class all by itself. This is a piece of equipment that can help you maximise the effectiveness of your workout by determining the degree to which your quadriceps are saturating with haemoglobin. According to our investigation, the system performed exceptionally effectively. When it comes to endurance training, this is especially helpful for warming up, high-intensity interval training, and that final push.

Support for Garmin Fenix 6 and Apple Watch OS 6 has been added in the latest Humon Hex release.

Clearly, everyone at the corporation with headquarters in Boston has been going at a rapid pace. This month saw the release of several upgrades, some of which include: iOS 13, WatchOS 6 Compatibility and Beta Testing Program; Garmin Edge 530, 830, and 1030 Software Update; Garmin Fenix 6 Support; and Garmin Connect Humon Zones Integration. All of these updates were made available to users.

It would appear that the newly released operating systems for Apple’s smartphones and smartwatches bring with them a certain degree of difficulty. However, despite some very short delays, version 3.23.0 of the Humon iOS app has now been released, bringing with it full compatibility. According to the corporation, it has also made modifications to its Beta testing programme in order to prevent problems similar to this in the future.

The failure of the Humon data field to function may have been a source of disappointment for human owners who jumped at the chance to purchase a new Fenix 6. This problem has been fixed in the most recent version of the software, which also ensures that the Humon data field is compatible with the Vivoactive 4 and 4S.

The Edge 530, 830, and 1030 bicycle computers are some examples of other products that experienced issues with the Humon data field. It would appear that during the summer, Garmin released a software upgrade that disabled ANT+ communication with data fields for these devices. Together with Garmin, Human has been putting in a lot of effort to figure out what the problem is. The issue can be fixed on Edge devices by installing the most recent Beta software version.

Finally, it appears that a common request among Humon Hex users has been the ability to examine information pertaining to the Humon zones within the Garmin Connect app once an exercise has been completed. This information is shown in the wearable device’s app and the watch data field using a variety of colour schemes. The different colours indicate to you, in real-time, whether you should increase your workout intensity or decrease it.

Because colouring a Garmin Connect graph is not an option, Humon decided to use numbers instead (left-hand axis in the chart below). 2 is represented by the colour blue (recovery), 3 by the colour green (steady-state), 4 by the colour orange (approaching limit), and 5 by the colour red (limit).

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