Support for Swim 2 features has also been added to the Garmin Fenix 6 watch

The most recent update to the Beta firmware for the Garmin Fenix 6 adds support for Swim 2 features such as Auto Rest, a data field for Swim Time, Pacing Alerts, and more.

This functionality was included in an upgrade to the Forerunner 245 and 945’s firmware that was made available to the general public earlier this month. Although it is still in the beta stage, anyone can download it and install it on their watch at this time.

This past September saw the launch of the Fenix 6. This monster of a watch is perfect for people who want to monitor their performance in a variety of activities, from snorkeling to skiing. The most recent firmware update makes this watch even more impressive than it already was.

The software version is now 5.72, which is an increase from the previous version of 5.00. You can get it by clicking on this link and downloading it.

The most significant alteration is the incorporation of the features found in Swim 2, specifically Auto Rest, the Swim Time data field, several enhancements to the Swim exercise, Pacing Alerts, Swim Dead Reckoning for OWS, and Critical Swim Speed. The watch already has the capacity to measure the wearer’s heart rate while they are swimming, as well as to automatically recognize their strokes.

The remaining firmware upgrades provide support for the Action Menu with the Expedition App, making it simpler to access a greater number of features while also improving the performance of the compass. As is customary, there is also a lengthy list of errors that have been corrected.

In order to complete the installation, you will need to attach your Fenix 6 to a computer by means of a USB cable. Download the Beta firmware update using the links provided in this article, then unzip the file and copy the gupdate.gcd file to the System v*** folder (located in the GARMIN folder of the device), as well as the gup3107.gcd or 006B310700.GCD file to the GPS v*** folder, the gup3295.gcd file to the Sensor Hub v*** folder, and the gup3293.gcd Remove the cable that connects the watch to the computer, then continue installing the update when requested.

You could also choose to wait for it to be made available to the general public. This is probably going to happen within the next several weeks.

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