Suunto debuts the full-color D5 dive computer


Suunto has unveiled a brand-new dive computer that complements your personality. The D5 has a full-color display and a tonne of diving-related features.

The D5 is designed for recreational divers and is built on much the same technology as the Suunto 9. Its ease of use and simplicity let you concentrate on what matters most—exploring the undersea environment.

Suunto debuts the full-color D5 dive computer.

The gadget offers every feature seen on other Suunto dive computers. This covers a lot of different things, such as depth, dive time, gas time, no decompression limit, safety stop timer, tank pressure, and much more. A digital compass, a brand-new vibration alarm mode, a log, history, and four different diving modes are also included. Additionally, you can monitor gas pressure directly from your wrist if you pair your D5 with the Suunto Tank POD prior to diving.

The new Suunto dive log app and the D5 should work together without any issues. Your dive logs can be transferred to the mobile phone app using its wireless Bluetooth link. You can then recall and share your dives from the comfort of your own home, upload images, and browse other users’ dive logs.

Suunto debuts the full-color D5 dive computer.

The Descent MK1 rival from Garmin, built by Suunto, is protected by mineral crystal glass and is constructed of stainless steel and reinforced composite. You can quickly move between displays and settings thanks to its three tactile buttons.

The watch weighs 90 grams and is a little bigger than Suunto’s existing D model line. It is water-resistant to 100 m. Thanks to the quick release spring bar and various straps, you can create a look that suits your taste. Simply select a silicone strap or leather in the color of your choice that complements your diving equipment.

Thankfully, you won’t need to charge this gadget frequently. 20–40 hours of dive time on a single charge is an excellent battery life.

Early in 2019, the Suunto D5 will go on sale. The cost for the premium All Black and Line Black versions starts at $899. The cost for the white and black is $849.

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