Swannies Model X are glasses that filter out blue light and can help you get more shut-eye

Swannies are glasses that are worn prior to going to bed that filter out blue light from electronic gadgets. According to scientists, blue light is disruptive to good sleeping habits. They are from Swanwick Sleep, an Austin-based company that is using Indiegogo to fund the development of their product.

Your normal sleep and waking cycles are controlled by your body through the utilization of blue light that comes from the sun. This pattern of activity is referred to as your circadian rhythm. The problem is that we are surrounded by artificial sources of blue light, which come from electronic gadgets such as cell phones, computers, energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, and LED lights. This is causing our eyes to become sensitive to light. All of this is affecting our body’s normal release of melatonin, which is the natural hormone that helps us fall asleep and stay asleep. As a result, our sleep is being disrupted.

This innovative eyewear was created with the goal of assisting those who are addicted to their electronic devices in getting a good night’s sleep. Just keep doing your normal activities up to an hour before bedtime while you have them on, and then take them off right before getting into bed. Your eye strain will be alleviated and you will find it easier to relax thanks to the glasses. According to the findings of an independent study, it took people who wore Swannies 11 minutes less to drift off to sleep, and they slept an average of 24 minutes longer each night.

According to James Swanwick, CEO of Swanwick Sleep, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has estimated that chronic sleep loss affects 70 million Americans and costs $16 billion in health care expenses and $50 billion in lost productivity. Sleep deprivation also costs the country $50 billion annually.

A fun and easy technique to get a better night’s sleep is to put on some glasses that block blue light like Swannies. We made the Model X glasses stylish on purpose so that our customers can feel and look beautiful while protecting their eyes and getting a better night’s sleep.

The price starts at $55 and goes up from there, and delivery is anticipated to take place in August. The organization offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service in any way less than one hundred percent of the time.

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