Swinglync Provides Swing Analysis and Feedback To The Average Golfer

Swinglync Provides Swing Analysis and Feedback To The Average Golfer

Going out to play some golf or get some practice in has always been a fantastic way to de-stress and relax. Even if you do not have aspirations of becoming a professional golfer, improving your game by working on your swing is an excellent method to do it.

The correct alignment of the body is also of the utmost significance when it comes to the development of fantastic swings. SwingLync is a revolutionary wearable that delivers body positioning analysis to everyday golfers. Since golf teachers may be expensive, the company created this product to help golfers improve their games. It provides you with real-time feedback while you are at the range, assisting you in identifying and correcting the most problematic aspects of your swing.

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The device is made up of three wireless sensors that can be attached to the user in three different locations: the waist, the wrist, and the back. Your motion is tracked in minute detail and then synchronized via Bluetooth to the app that corresponds to it on your smartphone.

You will be able to see a visual representation of how your body is positioned at every stage of the swing here. Movements that are performed appropriately are depicted in green, while those that require additional practice are shown in red. You will also receive feedback on the things that you are doing incorrectly, allowing you to quickly modify your strategy. This may be something like “rotate more,” “rotate less,” or “bend more,” as some examples. You can customize the experience to match your level of expertise using the settings.

Nick Mahowald, the designer of SwingLync, has stated that he has been “fascinated about the golf swing ever since I was a youngster.”

“After studying engineering, I came to the conclusion that correct body placement is the most important factor in a powerful golf swing. While I was working on improving my own golf swing, I got the idea to develop a technology that would be easily accessible to the average golfer and would assist them in mastering the minor adjustments that would have a significant effect on their overall game.

The setup, the top, the impact, and the finish are the four most significant moments of the swing, and they are captured by the measures. You may also track your movement over time and record how much improvement you are making with this tool.

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SwingLync is an option to consider if you’re interested in experiencing the excitement of improved swinging. The product is scheduled to be delivered in April of the following year, and the company is currently using Kickstarter to seek money to develop it. All of our standard safety precautions regarding crowdfunding campaigns still apply.

Price ranges from $199 and more.

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