Take a Look at Imagined Images to Get an Idea of How Stunning a Spherical Apple Watch May Be

Will Apple release a circular watch this year? In no uncertain terms, no. But maybe at some point in the distant future.

There is only a short time until the release of the Apple Watch Series 4, and we already know a lot about it. A wristwatch that has a circular face is one item that is most definitely not going to be in the cards. That’s not even close to being a possibility.

Apple has shown in the past that it will submit patent applications for just this kind of product. One of these features is a single display that is continuous and flexible and wraps around both the head and the strap. It is anticipated that the bezel width that surrounds the screen will be reduced to below 4 to 5 mm, and possibly even below 1 mm. On the other hand, a spherical Apple Watch would be challenging to construct, not to mention the fact that this would call for an extensive reworking of the inside components as well.

In spite of this, it’s entertaining to speculate about what such a machine may look like. The graphic designer, Muhsin M. Belal, is responsible for both the inspiring pictures. They demonstrate how stunning an Apple Watch in a circular form would be!

The premium-looking gadget would have a rounded front and a display that went all the way to the edges. Something that is impossible with the technology available today, but let’s not let that dampen our spirits or strip us away from the enjoyment!

Ever since it was introduced approximately three years ago, Apple has largely refrained from making significant changes to the overall appearance of the Apple Watch. On the other hand, this year we anticipate some more significant shifts.

The biggest difference is the screen, which is now 15% larger than it was on the Series 3. The device’s size will remain unchanged, but the bezel will shrink to accommodate the additional space.

And thanks to 9to5Mac, we really have a picture of the forthcoming product in our possession. Due to the increased amount of screen space, the wristwatch will be able to display a greater amount of data. As can be seen in the image, the Cupertino company has squeezed a total of eight complexities into the watch. Four of these intricacies are located around the time, and the other four are located within the clock arms.

It also appears that the Digital Crown and the side buttons have been updated in some way. In addition, there is a gap in between them, which was most likely designed to make room for an additional microphone. The watch appears to be somewhat more slender compared to the models that came before it.

There is still a lot of ambiguity around the other qualities. It is predicted that the watch will have enhanced fitness capabilities, an improved CPU, and an increase in battery life. However, there have not been any reliable leaks regarding the technical specifications.

It won’t be too much longer now. At the annual special event that Apple holds once a year, the company will reveal the Series 4 watch in just one week. The video that can be found below may be of interest to those who would prefer a round version. It depicts the envisioned Apple Watch from every conceivable angle.

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