Tally Jump Eliminates the Need to Manually Tally your Leaps, Making it a Useful Tool for Athletes

A device that promises to deliver a completely different experience for exercising with a jump rope has just been released on Kickstarter. During your workouts, Tally Jump will keep track of the number of times you jump, freeing you to strive to improve your performance and challenge yourselves to new limits.

Tally Jump is a jumping rope that is very simple to use and was designed by Tori Boggs, who is the current world record holder in the sport of jumping rope. Simply position the small pod, which weighs only 13 grams, under your shoelaces, activate the accompanying app, choose the amount of time you want to jump for and your score goal, and then begin. The best part is that there will be no disruption to your normal schedule. You can keep doing your regular workouts with your old jump rope if you want to.

The sensor can distinguish between single jumps, double-under, triple-unders, and double-unders, with triple-under having the longest time. The colour of the app’s screen will vary depending on how close you can be to reaching your goal score as you continue to leap. When the screen begins to turn green, you are getting very close to achieving your objective. When it turns red, it is time to increase the number of hops you are making.

In addition, Tally Jump keeps track of any errors you make while you’re exercising, functioning very much like a digital trainer. You can add sound effects and a metronome to your workout, and the app will keep track of all of your past workouts so you can look back on them.

Last but not least, there is also a social component to consider. This has both overall scores and leaderboards that show how you compare to your friends over different time periods (weeks, months, and the whole year).

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