TCL is currently working on a phone that can fold up into a bracelet or watch-like form

The revelation that another startup is attempting to do the same thing as Nubia, which we reported on the other day, comes as a follow-up to our report on the efforts that Nubia is making to bring a bending phone/watch to market. This gadget is manufactured by TCL, which also owns the BlackBerry and Alcatel brand names, and it is one of five handsets that will have foldable screens to be released by the company in the near future.

According to CNET, the TCL phone will have the ability to transform into a bracelet-like form that the user may wear on their wrist. Aside from the images seen above and an image taken from a patent application that depicts how the device would appear, there are not many further specifics. From the looks of these pictures, it does not appear that the phone will be able to bend all the way around.

The Chinese company is also working on other foldable electronic gadgets, such as a portion of tablet computers and two other smartphones. Reportedly, work is being done on all five of them; they are not merely concepts held in someone’s imagination or plans written down on paper

As demonstrated in this video from 2016, the idea of a smartphone that can be converted into a wristwatch is not a new one. It is a demonstration of the Lenovo Cplus prototype. Although development of the gadget is still ongoing, there is optimism that it will be commercially available within the next year or two.

The upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will begin the following week, and it is anticipated that Nubia will present their foldable smartphone there. The Verge has been informed by a reliable source that TCL may have additional comments on this subject in the coming days as well.

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