Teaming together on a sleep study are Hexoskin, FC Barcelona, and Allianz

A study to examine the impact of sleep on sports performance has been collaborated on by Hexoskin, FC Barcelona, and the world’s largest insurance firm, Allianz SE.

Hexoskin is well known to those of us who have been following wearable technology for some time. The Canadian firm offers a line of smart shirts that can monitor various critical statistics.

To gather data in real time, a tiny gadget is slid into the shirt pouch. The information is subsequently transmitted through Bluetooth to a smartphone app, which provides a variety of insights.

Since 2012, Hexoskin has been working on sleep technologies. Automatic sleep detection, awakening, sleep time, sleep stages, hypnogram, sleep efficiency, sleep percent, sleep position changes, time spent in each position (belly, back, right, left, and standing), sleep position graph, heart rate, breathing rate, minute ventilation, and heart rate variability are all features of its smart clothing. A truly outstanding list!

It is hardly surprising that many international professional sports teams, military organizations, and space agencies employ Hexoskin products. Along with its longtime partner, Allianz, Barcelona is now adding its name to this list.

The six-month study will track the sleeping patterns of FC Barcelona players from several teams as part of the Barça Innovation Hub. The goal is to find out how much sleep affects performance and health. A more thorough investigation will be conducted on 50 of the 600 athletes whose qualitative sleep data will be gathered.

The Adsalutem Institute will analyze the data from the Barcelona/Hexoskin/Allianz trial. It is a Catalan organization with expertise in sleep medicine. The outcomes will then be made public.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, President of FC Barcelona, said, “For Barça Innovation Hub, it is a fantastic step forward to launch this initiative with Allianz Group, a world-renowned strategic partner, which is a perfect fit for us.”

“Sleep and healthy rest are crucial for ensuring our athletes’ wellbeing and successful performance. The Adsalutem Institute will also work on this initiative with us, and our goal is to go beyond the world of sports and provide additional information for the broader public. This programme exemplifies the Barça Innovation Hub’s mission to participate in international research initiatives as “more than a club.”

Sleep is crucial, as we all know. It is essential for maintaining long-term health and happiness. At night, your body is working to sustain good brain function and maintain your physical health.

Knowing what happens at night will help you sleep better. The good news is that folks who are interested in knowing more about their kip time have a variety of wearables to choose from, in addition to Hexoskin products.

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