Ten Watches With Geolocation To Keep Track of Your Children

The safety of your children must be your primary concern as a caregiver. A GPS-enabled gadget can assist you in keeping track of your children’s location. Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular, and the most efficient gadget is a GPS-enabled wristwatch for children.

GPS equipment is becoming increasingly useful since it enables tracking from any location and at any moment. Purchasing a GPS-enabled kid’s wristwatch helps make it easy for parents to monitor their children’s movements. Because of its interesting characteristics, it is also a fantastic provider of fun for children. Furthermore, a wristwatch will be appealing to children who are interested in discovering new subjects because it offers a variety of educational value through its built-in applications and entertainment.

1. Laxcido Smartwatch For Kids

Because this wristwatch works on both 3G and 4G connections, you’ll need to link it with a SIM card to use the GPS and connectivity features. Once you’ve paired your device, you may use it to make telephone conversations (only the people recorded in the timepiece can call), videoconferencing, voice messaging, and much more. You can also track your child’s whereabouts in live time, anyplace and at any moment.

The safety features of the Laxcido watch are outstanding. It has GPS, WIFI, and LBS Multiple Positioning Modes to assist you to keep track of your children’s activities. You may establish a safe space for your kid as a parent. When this area is breached, your smartphone will sound an alarm.

Selfies may be taken using the frontal lens, and video conferences can be made. Satellite tracking is a tool that allows you to listen to nearby sounds to guarantee your children’s safety. Overall, if you want an excellent kid’s wristwatch with Geolocation and a lot of fun functions, this is the one to get.

2. Dyno by CoolPad 

The CoolPad Dyno is one of the greatest kid’s smartwatches on the market, with a slew of interesting functions that any parent would really want to give their children. The device comes with an irreparable pre-installed sim card that can be activated by purchasing a monthly fee via their application.

Parents may build a personalised security haven for their children to ensure that they do not cross it. If this case develops, your phone will send you a warning using its GPS position tracking system. In addition, there is an SOS key for usage in a crisis.

The CoolPad Dyno also has a Dragontrail display, which protects the wristwatch from shocks and scuffs. It’s also IP65 childproof, meaning the timepiece is dirt and water-resistant and tough enough for the park.


The Yenisey GPS device has a ‘GPS chip’ that offers precise geolocation data. It also contains a position-based mechanism, which further enhances the protection of youngsters.

WiFi, Geolocation, two-way chatting, SOS, alarm system, and more features are included in this multifunction timepiece. In addition, the smartphone has a front-facing camera for sharing photos. During school hours, the Do Not Disturb capability becomes helpful. You may prevent your children from using functions such as phone, gaming, or picture taking by switching on DND, with the exception of an SOS situation.

With two-way calling, you may communicate with your children at any moment and from any location. Calls may be received and made directly from the wristwatch by children.

4. TickTalk 3 

The Tick Talk 3 is a popular 4G LTE kid’s wristwatch with a Navigation system and authentic location that allow families to follow numerous smartwatches on one map. In terms of design, the watch is attractive and has a front-facing camera for taking pictures or video chats.

You may activate the two-way speaking capability by adding a SIM card, which enables you to initiate and accept phone calls from the device. The wristwatch can now transmit two-way text and audio communications using new messaging services. It has pre-programmed text or email templates that may be delivered with a single click. You may also personalise the wristwatch by adding your own text settings.

A clean hands tip encourages your youngster to keep their hands microbe-free by cleaning them. In addition, the TickTalk 3 features a 60 Items To Complete Reminder function that informs you of various duties such as toy clean-up times, pet feeding time, study time, and so on.

Kids may use Radar Screening to add their pals and then exchange audio, message, emoticons, photographs, and initiate phone, internet, and video conferences straight away. However, as a parent, you may manage this function using the app.

5. Themoemoe 

Themoemoe is a stylish timepiece that has surveillance and safety capabilities as well as a webcam, Internet, Navigation systems, LBS, and SOS.

A SIM Card must be purchased individually in order to use the network infrastructure. In the United States, the business suggests utilising the SpeedTalk Smart Card.

A floodlight, phone alarm, arithmetic games, distant speech surveillance, and other capabilities are included in the wristwatch. Furthermore, it enables engaging with your children easily at any time and in any location. There’s also a classroom option to activate so that youngsters aren’t distracted by games and other enjoyable elements during lesson time.

Save up to three crucial numbers to be utilised in the event of a crisis.

6. A1 Kid’s Watch by OJOY 

The New Edition of the OJOY Kid’s 4G LTE Geolocation Watch includes a 1.4-inch curved screen and a 2-megapixel main camera c for photos. It enables GSM, 3G, and 4G networking sim chips for communication networks, therefore having a 4G compatible wristwatch provides smooth and speedy communication.

The watch has two-way talking capabilities, which means your youngster may accept and initiate calls on the wristwatch while only enabling relatives in the address book to speak. Guardians should also use the application to add any connections.

To handle different types of tasks, there is a ToolBox that comprises a planner and a project organiser. To keep organised, give alerts to perform hand hygiene, finish schoolwork, and so on. The Education Option on this monitor is quite beneficial, as it protects youngsters from becoming distracted by disabling a few of the wristwatch functionalities, allowing them to concentrate on their academics.

7. OwlCole 

The OwlCole tracks its specific position using four techniques: Geolocation, AGPS, LBS, and Wireless internet. It’s also one of the finest kids GPS wristbands to give your youngster as his or her present.

It, like others, needs a data-enabled 2G, 3G, or 4G sim connection. The sim chip, though, is not supplied and must be purchased individually.


It has a few online capabilities for your children’s protection, such as a small camera and voice surveillance. In addition, on the right side, there is an SOS button that may be utilised in a crisis.

Get all of your child’s activity statistics from the application. Thanks to its main camera, it can take images and make video communications.

8. Kids Smart Watch by Vowor 

The Vowor is a plain-looking kid’s wrist watch that uses Geolocation, AGPS, Internet, and an LBS monitor to offer you a clearer picture of your children’s current position. The software allows you to track your child’s whereabouts in real time. This 4G wrist watch also allows for two-way videoconferencing, face-to-face videoconferencing, and voice messaging.

The home button also serves as an SOS key. When children are in danger, touching it twice sends SOS Texts to all relatives. You must buy a sim card individually because it is not provided.

9. JayBest 

The JayBest is a 2G wristwatch with Location data for children on a budget.

Simply by installing a SIM card, you may speak with your kid at any time and from any place. LBS allows families to see their child’s current position. To make an urgent call, press and hold the device’s dedicated SOS button for three seconds. It’s worth noting because you can only store three contacts.

Because this wristwatch can initiate and accept calls, you may communicate with your child at any time and from anywhere. The included camera is capable of capturing and recording magical events.

It also comes with amusing quizzes, wake-up alarms, classroom style, voice messaging, and a slew of other functions.


The UMIDIGI GPS isn’t a wristwatch for children. The wristwatch appears to be more modern and current, rendering it appropriate for any youngster over the age of 12. If you’re looking for a wristwatch to give your youngster that can also serve as a workout buddy, this device is worth exploring.

The watch has a variety of wellness capabilities, featuring 14 sports settings for tracking and recording your workout routine. It also has a built-in Satellite for tracking outside activities like jogging and biking. This watch has a long-lasting battery and may be used for up to ten days.

Things to Consider Before Buying 


A kid’s wristwatch with a webcam may be both entertaining and functional. Kids can take photos and document events with a wristwatch featuring a front-facing lens. It also helps families to communicate with their children via videoconferencing. A high-quality camera on a child’s watch is not required, but it is something that children would enjoy possessing.

GPS Position Monitoring: 

The wristwatch has a GPS tracker that allows families to keep a watch on their children. In addition, they should keep an eye on and protect their children’s movements.

Two-way calling: 

This functionality allows youngsters to dial and accept calls from stored friends. It’s a must-have tool since it speeds up and simplifies interaction.

SOS Alerts: 

This is yet another extremely helpful function that may be used in the event of a crisis. When you push this key, it will immediately call and message the very first person in your contacts database with an SOS greeting.

GEOFENCING (not compulsory): 

This function allows you to define a simulated protected area and receive notifications when it is violated.

The Best Satellite Trackers That Aren’t Smartwatches 

In terms of position monitoring, children’s GPS monitors are similar to children’s GPS smartwatches. However, GPS monitors are worth investigating if you don’t want your child to be distracted by entertaining applications, gaming, face cameras, and other intelligent functions and capabilities.

1. KidsConnect KC2 


  • Preestablished GPS/LBS/WIFI: Easily monitor your exact location at any moment and from any area.
  • APPLICATIONS SUPPORTED: Android and iPhones
  • Monitoring in Real-time: Find out where your child is right now.
  • Geo-fencing: Establish a secure perimeter and keep track of when your child enters and exits it.
  • SOS: Allows children to seek assistance in an emergency.
  • Audience Observing: Pay attention to the voices around your children.
  • Watch your Youngster’s movement HISTORY: Use the app to keep track of your child’s whereabouts.
  • Making Calls: Children can dial numbers from a list of stored connections.
  • Management by parents: Manage the device’s calls and texts.

2. Bewinner GPS Necklace 


  • Build: It may be worn as a necklace, making it convenient to transport.
  • Inbuilt GPS/LBS/WIFI: Easily track your child’s position at any time and from any location.
  • Work Settings: Multiple variants, such as power-saving, are available for improved efficiency.
  • Programs Supported: Iphone and android
  • Geo - fencing: Establish a secure perimeter and keep track of when your child reaches and exits it.
  • Track your Kid’s LOCATION Track record: Use the application to keep track of your children’s whereabouts.
  • Audio Tracking: Pay attention to the voices around your children.
  • SOS Key: This system allows children to summon assistance in the event of a crisis.

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