The 3 best alternative keyboards to Swype for Android now that it has been abandoned

Swype is dead . The one that was one of the most famous keyboards on Android since it saw the light in 2010, has run out of support and will not receive any more updates , after the company behind this popular application, Nuance, has declared its intention to focus its efforts on the development of artificial intelligence based solutions for companies.

But this is Android, and Google Play is full of alternative applications to the keyboard that says goodbye today. Therefore, today we want to choose the three that can best replace the disappearance of one of the most popular keyboards in the history of Android, which made us discover all the benefits of gesture writing.

The 3 best alternatives to Swype

Gboard, the Google keyboard

The one that was born as “The Google Keyboard”, became a little more than a year ago in Gboard , an application that maintained the simple essence of the great G app , while adding interesting additions such as Internet search from the keyboard itself, support for GIFs. Custom themes or handwriting.

Of course, Gboard has gesture writing just like Swype did , and its accuracy is up to par, or above the Nuance application. In our opinion, Gboard is undoubtedly the best Swype substitute in Google Play today.

SwiftKey, the classic

If there is a classic keyboard at the height of Swype, that is certainly SwiftKey . For many, this keyboard is the natural successor of Swype, but the truth is that SwiftKey is able to overcome, not only this, but the majority of existing keyboards at the level of word prediction and accuracy at the time of writing.

SwiftKey is an application that receives updates frequently , adding new features to make the experience more complete when writing. For a while, in addition, all the themes included in the app can be installed for free.

Fleksy, the fastest in the world

We don’t say it: Fleksy is officially the fastest keyboard in the world on mobile phones . While it is true that in this case we will not find Swype’s gestural writing, the speed offered by the application at the time of writing more than supplements the system of the abandoned app today.

The app also has support for gestures that we will use to erase words or select the predictions offered automatically by the app, in addition to a huge collection of themes and support for extensions.

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