The 3 best image editing apps for Android

In Android we have a world of applications with which to do infinity of things. And among these things is the edition of photographs and images , thanks to which we can modify them at our whim with all kinds of options, from cropping them to adding filters, effects, text, decorative elements, and a long etcetera.

So, as we know that many of you like to modify your photos and other images, we have prepared a compilation in which we tell you about what for us are the three best applications for editing images on Android .

These are very complete applications with which we will have many ways to edit our images as we want, until we leave them as we like. And above, all three are free .


Of Snapseed we have already spoken on that occasion otea . This Google application is probably the most complete app when it comes to editing our images on Android , and it is not limited to simply offering us a few filters and some simple cropping tool, like many others, but it has many more adjustments.

With Snapseed we can retouch photos in RAW format, modify sharpness, colors , adjust exposure and white balance, crop, rotate, eliminate unwanted elements easily such as dust, precisely adjust the exact part of the image that we want thanks to the selective adjustment , and of course, applying one of the many filters that it includes, among other functions.


Another of the best editing apps for Android is Pixlr, a very interesting alternative with which we can make collages , balance colors, create several layers in the same image, add masks with text , add shadows and light effects to our images, play with overlays, and much more.

In addition, it allows us to add packages to the application to have more effects with which to edit.


Last but not least, we stick with Aviary. It also comes with quite a few tools to modify images in detail, allowing us to crop and rotate, auto-enhance with a single touch, apply effects, adjust parameters such as brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation. , define and blur, and even draw raised hand.

Also, with Aviary we can even create our own memes , and add extras to have more effects.

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