The 4th Gen Fossil Q Explorist

There were various complaints concerning the design of the Fossil Q Control 3rd Generation. Isn’t that, however, subjective? Some people also requested more features. It didn’t support NFC payments or have a built-in GPS. Alternatives offer the same features for a lower price, around $250.

So, Fossil is back with the 4th Generation. All of your concerns have been resolved, and NFC and GPS have been integrated. There’s also an optical HR sensor.

In the realm of smartwatches, Fossil is a household name, and its latest offering does not disappoint. For a fair price, this is a fantastic watch.

Background Behind The 4th Gen Fossil Q Explorist

This Fossil smartwatch runs Wear OS and can be paired with any Android or iOS device, just like previous Fossil smartwatches. Unlike the 3rd Gen, you get everything you want in a smartwatch in terms of features. It will properly measure your heart rate, allow you to make contactless payments, and use the built-in GPS to track your location when outdoors.

It has a 50-meter water-resistance rating, so you may shower with it without worrying about it getting destroyed. You can swim in it, but only in a pool and no deeper than that. It will also keep track of your swims.

A built-in speaker is available for usage with Google Assistant (but not calls). It will send you notifications that you can respond to, but you must be close to your phone for that.

Design Features of The 4th Gen Fossil Q Explorist

The 4th Generation Fossil Q Explorist is attractive. It has a vintage mechanical appearance about it. It hasn’t deviated too much from its predecessor either and why should it? It also features a large glass face and bezel with distinctive notches and crown-like buttons.

A clear 454 by 454 pixel 1.4-inch display distinguishes the Q Explorist from classic mechanical watches available on the market. The OLED display is razor-sharp, bold, and vibrant.

There is no overt branding from Fossil. There’s a small branding on the strap’s buckle, but that’s it. Using some of Fossil’s preset watch faces, you can include the Fossil logo.

The OLED screen is always on by default. As a result, these preset faces have been created to be low-energy.

The watch is 45mm wide, which is large for a watch, yet it doesn’t seem bulky. It’s 14 grams lighter and 2 millimeters slimmer than the previous generation. The Samsung Galaxy Watch has identical dimensions. Essentially, you’re getting a lot of screen real estate for a small amount of money.

There is a heart rate sensor on the Q Explorist’s tummy. Although it protrudes a little from the back, it is probably to its advantage because the wireless charger fits snuggly on it.

When it comes to choosing a strap, the watch comes in five different hues and offers a selection of materials and colors. The majority of them are 22mm. You’ll undoubtedly be able to create your look.

Other Features of The 4th Gen Fossil Q Explorist

As we’ve already stated, Fossil solved every constraint the 3rd Gen had in terms of features. Additionally, Fossil has also added features like contactless payments, GPS, and a good heart rate monitor. You can now walk out the door without your phone in your hand. It will keep track of your mileage, time, and pulse. But don’t put this timepiece on a pedestal. It will not be able to take the place of sports watches.

Setting up Google Pay takes only a few minutes. Contactless payments are even more convenient than using your phone. It also doesn’t require you to be connected to the internet. It’s very nice to be able to stop at the store if you’ve forgotten something while out running.

Performance of The 4th Gen Fossil Q Explorist

From a WearOS device, you get everything you expected. You can use “OK Google” as a command to quickly reach Google Assistant. Alternatively, you can swipe right on your home screen.

It’ll display anything you might want to know for the rest of the day, similar to Google Now. Travel/traffic, weather, and your calendar entries are all factors to consider.

Swiping right to bring up Google Fit can be tweaked. You’ll find another essential update here. Similar to Apple’s rings, it will show you your overall activity, divided down into your move’s minutes and heart points.

A lot has changed in the Quick Settings section since the previous release. You’ll find Google Pay shortcuts and a power-saving mode.

You may also wish to use airplane mode, do-not-disturb, or adjust the screen brightness. It’s a lot easier to use.

Fossil promises that the battery will last a whole day. However, the battery life is highly dependent on how the software is used. It all depends on how you intend to utilize your watch. Google Play Music, for example, is a power-hungry software. Because of this, Other apps on your Q Explorist may run a little slower. However, if you’re running while listening to music, logic would suggest you’re concentrating on the run rather than other apps. The battery can be depleted in as short as six hours when used frequently. You’ve been warned not to use this as a specialized sports watch once more.

However, this isn’t uncommon for WearOS devices. Some will only offer you half a day’s worth of power, so you may wish to charge it while you sleep.

Some Alternatives to The 4th Gen Fossil Q Explorist

Prices have lately reduced dramatically, which is fantastic. You get a good quality smartwatch at a reasonable price. You could spend a little extra and get an Apple Watch Series 3, which is comparable enough to an Apple Watch Series 5 that it’s still a powerful device.

There’s always the Samsung Galaxy Watch (about $280), which never fails to impress. It’s a tad thicker at 46mm, but it comes with dependable GPS, NFC, and offline Spotify.

If those are out of your budget, you should consider the Ticwatch E2 watch (about $125). The AmazFit Bip (about $75) is even more budget-friendly, with a month’s worth of battery life. That’s unbeatable!

Final Verdict of The 4th Gen Fossil Q Explorist

With the Q Explorist HR 4th Gen, Fossil has made several significant advancements. It looks fantastic and has all of the charms of a high-end watch. It has several unique features and smartwatch capabilities, including fitness tracking.

You get a nice watch for the price. Our one piece of advice is to avoid comparing it to market leaders Apple and Samsung because it isn’t on the same level. If Fossil keeps developing this line and a 5th Gen is in the works, you can bet it’ll be a hot device to keep an eye on.

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