7 Best Fitbits for Women - User Opinions, Features and Reviews

7 Best Fitbits for Women - User Opinions, Features and Reviews

Fitbits are as popular as they have ever been, and many individuals who want to measure their health and stay current with the latest trends consider them an absolute must. And the greatest Fitbits for ladies can also be worn as high-fashion jewelry and serve as the ideal companion for working out. You may pick the perfect Fitbit for you by looking through the six models listed below. It doesn’t matter if you’re a serious athlete or a fashionista.

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Does Incident Detection Come Standard on Women’s Fitbits?

Even though fall detection and incident detection have the potential to save lives, Fitbit has not yet adopted these technologies. This comes as a surprise, given that many of Fitbit’s watches come equipped with advanced functions like ECG scanners and SpO2 monitors. Fans of the Fitbit brand keep their fingers crossed that the company’s next release will incorporate this software. If it does, their wearables will be at the forefront of the smartwatch industry.

What exactly is meant by the phrase “incident detection and assistance”?

A growing number of smartwatches include an incident detection application, which is becoming an increasingly significant component. With this software, your smartwatch will be able to determine if you have fallen or been involved in an accident, and it will then be able to contact your emergency contacts to let them know. This is perfect for anyone who frequently embarks on exciting hikes, and it is also excellent for senior persons and other people of advanced age.

This software operates the smartwatch’s built-in sensors, including accelerometers, to perform its functions. These high-end sensors are able to detect both when motion ceases and when there is impact, as it would occur from falling. When the watch detects that you’ve taken a tumble, an alarm will begin to sound, and you’ll have around one minute to stop it before it goes off. In the event that you do not react promptly, the watch will automatically notify your emergency contacts or the appropriate authorities.

This software is different from the SOS feature in that it enables users to call the authorities and emergency contacts with the push of a button without having to worry about falling. Additionally, the SOS call is utilized in the fall detection process; however, the user does not have the option to initiate the call.

Will Fitbit Begin to Offer Incident Detection and Assistance to Its Customers?

There is a workaround available for the fact that the Fitbit does not come equipped with an incident detection feature, in case this is holding you back from purchasing one. Several third-party add-ons are equivalent to the built-in incident detection; however, many users are content to wait until the next launch rather than make use of these. The subsequent release is projected to take place in the spring of 2022, and it is anticipated that this will be an update to either the Fitbit Sense 2 or the Fitbit Versa. Therefore, keep an eye out for any more incident detection features that may be implemented!

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1. A Fitbit Charge 5 device

The most advanced wearable fitness tracker made by Fitbit

The Charge line, now in its fifth iteration, is home to one of the most advanced fitness trackers available on the market today for people of either gender. A number of useful features, such as assisted breathing, heart rate tracking, swim tracking, and smart notifications, are included in the app, allowing users to remain in contact regardless of their location. It has a nice appearance, is small and light, and automatically recognizes 20 different types of sports and activities. The app is among the best currently available, and its tracking capabilities are also among the best available anywhere. This cutting-edge tracking technology is foolproof and won’t let you down.

Fitbit Pay is included with the Fitbit Charge 5, so you won’t need to bring your wallet around with you when you go shopping. It also includes a built-in GPS that can track your runs or even your romantic walks with a specialized step tracker of the 5th generation.

Other helpful tools include a monthly cycle tracker and the ability to measure calories burned. The Charge 5 is, without a doubt, an exceptional fitness tracker for everyone else, even if it isn’t the ideal choice for people who compete professionally in their sport.

The primary benefits

  • Screen size that is larger than in prior generations
  • Watch that is both attractive and slick in appearance
  • Choices are available in terms of bands.
  • GPS, Fitbit Pay, and the Fitbit App are all available.

Main Disadvantages

  • Due to the fact that it is brand new, the price is a little bit on the high side.

2. The Fitbit Inspire 2

It is the ideal fitness tracker for the health and fitness nut.

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a health and fitness tracker with a free trial of Fitbit Premium for one year, continuous heart rate monitoring.

If you’re a fitness nut and want to keep track of a ton of metrics and notifications on your wrist, the Inspire 2 is a fantastic option to consider. The Fitbit Inspire 2 radiates personality, comes at an affordable price, and is wonderfully fashionable. It also has all the functionality you would expect from the most recent generation of wearables.

It offers multiple exercise modes, real-time pace, and distance tracking through your phone’s GPS, a waterproof design, and tracks your heart rate and sleep. Even though it does not have any capabilities for tracking your swimming in real time, you can still wear it in the shower, the pool, or even the hot tub.

It has guided breathing sessions, just like the Charge, which will help you calm down after you spend your monthly income on that pair of Jimmy Choos, but it does not include the outstanding Fitbit Pay feature. If you don’t mind having your phone with you while you run and you don’t need to track your activities when swimming, this might be a fantastic choice at a very affordable price point.

The primary benefits

  • Reminders to move, as well as an automatically recognized exercise routine
  • Battery life of up to ten days is possible.
  • types of exercise dependent on one’s goals
  • Several kinds of bands and additional accessories

Main Disadvantages

  • There is no swim tracking functionality.
  • No Fitbit Pay

3. Fitbit Versa 4

Although it has not been released yet, this is what we think about it…

The next year will see the introduction of the Fitbit Versa 4, the company’s most recent square smartwatch iteration. We can make some educated assumptions about when and what features it will add to your wrist even though there has been no official announcement regarding this matter.

As a result of Google’s recent acquisition of Fitbit, the Versa 4 may be substantially different from its forerunners. Keeping all of this in mind, the following are some of our forecasts for what you may anticipate from the new watch. Visit this page regularly to ensure that you are up to date with the latest information and rumors, as we will update this guide as new information is obtained.

Fitbit OS, the company’s in-house operating system, has been the engine behind all of the company’s wearables up to this point. Its primary purpose is monitoring physical activity, and it supports just a select few applications developed by third parties (most of which are simple workout trackers and timers).

If Fitbit were to integrate with Google’s Wear OS, it would be able to do considerably more than it can already do. Not only would it be able to track the metrics that you’d expect from a typical fitness tracker, but it would also be able to handle all of Google’s other services (such as Gmail, Maps, Pay, etc.) and give you access to Google Play’s extensive library of music streaming, social media, news, and other features as well.

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4. Fitbit Luxe

Incredibly accurate heart rate monitoring in a sleek and fashionable package

The Fitbit Luxe is simply an upgraded version of the Fitbit Inspire 2, and it comes with a few helpful additions that were not present in the previous model (plus more coming soon). In spite of the limitations imposed by its small display, it has a high level of vibrancy, is clear, and is inviting.

Because fitness trackers are not intended to function as smartwatches in the same way as the Fitbit Versa 3 or Fitbit Sense do, you should not anticipate that they will have functions such as the ability to make phone calls from your wrist or to make contactless payments using Fitbit Pay. On the other side, The Luxe is designed to encourage the development of healthier mental and physical routines.

You are able to monitor both your step count and your heart rate daily with the Fitbit Luxe. Using the Fitbit app, you’ll be able to view more granular data and get real-time updates. Monitoring one’s heart rate can continue to function with the same high level of precision even while exercising, matching the performance of specialized sports watches.

Because the Luxe does not come equipped with a GPS receiver, the only option available to you is to use the accelerometer on the device or the GPS on your phone, both of which are troublesome. However, the most significant disadvantage of the Luxe is that it has a small screen; you will need to launch the accompanying app to access past data.

The primary benefits

  • Stylish, slim design
  • A large number of different accessory bands
  • Accurate monitoring of the patient’s heart rate

Main Disadvantages

  • A touchscreen that is not very responsive.
  • You will need the Fitbit app installed on your mobile device to view most of the data.

5. Fitbit Flex 2

Wonderful activity monitor for women that are not overly expensive

The Flex 2 is the best Fitbit for individuals on a budget who want a straightforward fitness tracker since it is the least expensive of the Fitbits that were evaluated here and because its appearance is so understated.

It is available in a variety of colors, is waterproof, and has all of the tracking functions you would anticipate crammed into an incredibly compact and lightweight design.

Except for incoming calls and text messages, there are no screens or push notifications to divert your attention. It is fully customizable to meet your specific fitness objectives. It is also available in various forms, such as a silicone wristband, a trendy bracelet, or a necklace. This is a feature that is difficult to find in other fitness trackers.

The primary benefits

  • Styles that are both fashionable and wearable
  • Syncing wirelessly with Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows devices
  • A lightweight and comfortable option.

Main Disadvantages

  • Battery life is not very impressive for a gadget that does not have a screen.
  • There is no monitoring of the heart rate

6. Fitbit Ionic

Strong and masculine, yet packed to the brim with exceptional features

If you’re seeking an exceptional fitness tracker and don’t care as much about its appearance, the Fitbit Ionic is the right choice for you. It is larger than any of the other Fitbits on this list and has a more masculine style; nonetheless, it can still look amazing when worn on a woman’s wrist.

Because it has a built-in GPS, you can leave your phone at home and still get accurate tracking of how far you run or walk. You’ll also enjoy the Fitbit Coach workouts, designed to help you perform better in athletic competition.

It is compatible with Bluetooth headphones to provide a comprehensive workout experience, and it comes with Fitbit Pay as a bonus for convenience during post-workout retail therapy. This is an unquestionably wonderful option because it is quite a little less expensive than competitors like the Apple Watch 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch, yet it shares many of those competitors’ capabilities.

The primary benefits

  • Options for physical activity that span a wide spectrum
  • Display that is both large and illuminated
  • Individualized instruction and mentoring
  • Options for storing musical works

Main Disadvantages

  • A user experience that is rather sluggish

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7. Fitbit Sense

The most advanced and capable Fitbit smartwatch to compete with the Apple Watch SE.

The Fitbit Sense includes many of the same useful capabilities that contributed to the success of the Versa line, in addition to several useful new capabilities. You are equipped to take responsibility for your health with its direction, enabling you to obtain a more in-depth awareness of your body and mind and make adjustments to improve both your physical and emotional welfare — and it does so successfully.

This wristwatch, like many of the best fitness trackers and smartwatches on the market today, is equipped with an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor that can detect the symptoms of atrial fibrillation. However, its stress monitoring component is unique, and it is something that anyone can use daily in an emergency. Even though Fitbit Premium subscribers have access to a variety of resources for stress management (such as guided meditations and lessons on mindfulness), the Fitbit Sense comes with a free trial period of six months, which means you can use it even if you choose not to continue your subscription to Fitbit Premium.

With Sense’s fitness tracking functions, you now have the option to train with different heart rate zones. A wide variety of activity monitoring choices are available, and once your workout is finished, the watch and the software will provide you with workout-specific data.

The ECG function, which had not been available at launch, was made accessible through a software upgrade in October of 2020. Fitbit issued a new software update for the Versa 3 and Sense watches in June 2021. This update included an easier way to change watch faces, audible alerts from Google Assistant, and extra goal celebrations. As part of the public beta test, a brand new tool for detecting snoring was also made accessible.

The Fitbit companion app could use some enhancements, especially the menstruation tracking function, which would be improved with the integration of the skin temperature sensor and the stress-monitoring features. Although the Fitbit Sense isn’t perfect, the Fitbit companion app could benefit from some enhancements.

The primary benefits

  • Display that is both large and illuminated
  • Options for storing musical works
  • ECG for both Alexa and Google Assistant

Main Disadvantages

  • You should have the app to make the most of it.
  • The button can be a little finicky.

How Do We Put Smartwatches Through Their Paces?

At Superwatches, we take great satisfaction in conducting exhaustive research and testing every wearable product we review. We make sure that each wristwatch can live up to or even beyond our expectations by wearing it and putting it through its paces while engaging in physical activity and going about our regular lives. All of the smartwatches mentioned on our list offer excellent value for the money and are well praised by ladies all around the world who wear them.

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Questions That Are Typically Asked

Do you want to find out more information about Fitbits designed for women? These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding smartwatches and fitness trackers, so let’s get right to it!

Is the Fitbit brand a good one?

Fitbit is one of the most successful firms in the industry of fitness tracker smartwatches that is now on the market. You can’t dispute this brand’s impact in the world of smartwatches because they have such a diverse lineup of products, including some of the greatest sellers in the industry.

Even though this company is reliable and produces goods of a high standard, not everyone will find a watch in their collection to be a good fit for them. If you aren’t very concerned with your health, fitness, or level of physical activity, you could be better off with a basic smartwatch that doesn’t include any advanced tracking features. This is especially true when it comes to the brand’s fitness bands and its premium app subscriptions; if you’re not into fitness, many of the functions of the bands and subscriptions won’t meet your requirements at all.

Before investing in a watch, you should always check reviews and websites (like this one!). Everyone may find a suitable smartwatch on the market today.

Which Fitbit model is the most effective for measuring fitness?

The most recent fitness tracker from the company, the Fitbit Charge 5, features improvements that make it even more effective than previous models. This tracker can anticipate any and all health needs because of its sophisticated trackers, which include a SpO2 sensor and skin temperature variation sensors, as well as its mindfulness features and stress management programs.

This convenient fitness tracker is not only lightweight but also easy to use all day long. Working exercise while wearing this watch is simple and unencumbered, thanks to its unfussy design and band that can be adjusted to fit your needs. The watch is also available in a variety of stylish designs, making it the ideal accessory for any ensemble.

Which model of the Fitbit smartwatch is the best?

The Fitbit Sense is an excellent choice to consider if you are interested in purchasing a Fitbit that focuses more on smartwatch capabilities in addition to fitness trackers. This high-tech wristwatch includes a square-shaped display, a band that can be bent in multiple directions, and it’s quite lightweight.

This watch not only offers a wide variety of sports modes, fitness trackers, and health trackers, but it also includes various features found on smartwatches. The Fitbit Sense comes with a number of features, including voice help, connectivity via Bluetooth and Alexa, GPS, and more.

What kinds of features should a smartwatch geared toward women have?

There are a few different aspects that you should keep an eye out for when you are shopping for smartwatches that are designed with female consumers in mind. These aspects include band size (the average circumference of a woman’s wrist is between 5 and 7 inches), design, color, and female health monitors. Some smartwatches are created specifically for women, while others are made for either gender yet are as suitable for women.

What exactly are these “women’s health trackers,” though?

You might come across the phrase “women’s health trackers” more frequently in descriptions of smartwatches, but are you familiar with what this term refers to?

A growing number of smartwatches are beginning to incorporate menstruation health applications into their overall product designs. It is quite encouraging to see the development of these apps because monitoring menstrual cycles and making plans for pregnancy are important aspects of the lives of women that contribute to their overall wellbeing. Having these trackers, in addition to normal fitness trackers, gives women the ability to receive a more comprehensive view of their health, which can be beneficial to them when they are trying to conceive a child.

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To Conclude

Fitbit features everything you could want in a fitness tracker, whether you’re searching for an all-around fitness tracker or a stylish smartwatch with some fitness functionality.

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