The 9 best applications to run and measure your progress

Thanks to smartphones, measuring our daily physical activity is easier than ever . It is only necessary to use the appropriate application, and put our willpower to work to improve our performance, and incidentally get in shape.

No matter what your goal; If you are one of those who go running frequently, you probably want to keep some control over your progress, and see how you have improved your race times week after week. If so, today we show you the best applications you can use on Android for it.

Apps for runners: the best you can use

Nike Run Club

One of the reference companies in the world of sports could not be left out of this selection of best applications for running on Android. Nike Run Club is, without a doubt, a great option for both beginners of the running and for those more experienced runners , and that is that it includes all the necessary tools to take total control over the progress and the races.

Among its features, it includes the possibility of accessing personalized training guides, weekly and monthly challenges, training diary with records of all races, and compatibility with WearOS watches.

Runtastic: your running and fitness app

Another famous alternative that has remained at the top of its category for years is Runtastic . Although it is focused on being a most complete activity monitor, with support for several activities, since its creation it has been a specialized tool in career monitoring.

The application offers the possibility of planning running workouts based on factors such as distance, time, pace or calories that you want to burn, among many others. It is also possible to track routes using the device’s GPS, and even receive recommendations and advice to learn how to run like a true professional.

RunKeeper - GPS Running Walking

As popular as the previous applications is RunKeeper. This application, used by more than 25 million people around the world, offers the possibility of monitoring all our careers to take full control over progress , through detailed reports with the activities carried out day after day.

To motivate us, the? Application will show notifications every time a challenge is achieved or a personal mark is overcome , and to demonstrate the effort made, RunKeeper allows you to share photographs taken during the route.

Strava GPS: racing and cycling

The famous Strava could not be missing either As with the other applications of this selection, Strava allows us to measure our progress in races, both running and cycling , and consult statistics stored over time such as distance traveled, pace or calories burned. It also offers the possibility of participating in personal challenges.

Google Fit

Google itself also has its own tool to measure our activity, and the truth is that it is one of the most recommended for those looking for a simple application to use. Thanks to the fact that it uses the sensors of our phone or watch, Google Fit will automatically detect our careers , and at the end it will generate a report that will be stored in the application to later see the progress made with the passing of the weeks.

Even so, it will also be possible to measure activities manually, and modify aspects such as the effort made. One of the best options for running beginners .


The company behind one of the most famous fitness and physical activity tools that exist: MyFitnessPal , also offers a fantastic application with which to measure our performance in the race and see the progress achieved over time.

MapMyRun will offer advice and information to improve performance , and will propose training routes recommended by the community, made up of more than 40 million people worldwide.

Decathlon Coach - Running, Running, Pilates, GPS

We are in 2019, and nobody wants to stay out of the fashion of mobile apps. Therefore, even the famous sports store chain Decathlon has its own racing progress meter for Android.

The truth is that the Decathlon app is surprisingly complete, and has practically all the functions that any runner , whether beginner, intermediate or advanced could need when running.

Endomondo - Running & Cycling

Endomondo is another classic that can not be missing in any compilation of sports applications. At the beginning as an independent app, and for a few years belonging to Under Armor, it is one of the most popular applications to measure and analyze our sports performance in terms of racing and cycling.

The free version of the application offers the possibility of registering more than 60 types of activities, as well as generating reports of our careers with time, distance, pace, calories and much more. It will also be possible to receive voice advice during the races, and notifications every time a personal record is reached.

Freeletics Running

It may not be the best running app for Android , but Freeletics deserves to be in this selection because of the large number of personalized training plans , which will help us learn and improve our career skills by following expert advice. It will also be possible, of course, to analyze our journey through automatically generated progress reports.

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