The 90fun smart sport shoes are powered by Intel for tracking your fitness

In most cases, tracking your fitness involves wearing a wristwatch or a chest strap and incorporating it into your normal routine. However, there is a far simpler approach. The 90FUN Smart Sports Shoes are a type of sports footwear that monitors and records the wearer’s performance throughout workouts.

It is not necessary for you to provide any input for the water-resistant and anti-slip trackers to determine if you are walking, running, cycling, or even climbing stairs. The intelligence is provided by a tracking chip called an Intel Curie that is incorporated into the device.

The shoes have an ergonomic arch design with antimicrobial detachable soles, and they are able to track the number of steps you take, the calories you burn, the distance you travel, and your speed. After all, the feet are where these measures should be measured because it makes the most sense. The shoes connect to your phone through Bluetooth LE to share tracking data with the Mi-Home app. The app then makes a full report of all the things you did during the day.

To put this into perspective, a single charge of the intelligent footwear will keep it operational for a full two months. This is helpful because shoes are not something that you would want to charge every night, so this is a good solution.

The cost of the whole deal is probably the feature that appeals to customers the most. The price of the intelligent sneakers is far lower than that of the majority of their rivals, coming in at less than a hundred dollars.

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