The Ability to Monitor Blood Pressure on the Huawei Watch D isn't All that it's Built Up to Be

Today marks the day that Huawei officially launched the Watch D. Along with an electrocardiogram (ECG), the Harmony OS device can monitor your blood pressure. On the other hand, its capacity to lower blood pressure might not be as impressive as people make it out to be.

There are now only a handful of timepieces on the market that can monitor a person’s blood pressure. One notable exception is the Samsung line, even though it does necessitate calibration, and the values are only provided when requested. However, it seems as though the tide is beginning to turn slowly.

Other businesses are considering how they might get in on the action. A bracelet that monitors blood pressure and which we just evaluated is called Aktiia. It uses an optical sensor to take readings in an automated fashion at various intervals during the day.

For instance, at CES 2021, Valencell claimed that they had improved their optical sensors to the point where they can now obtain blood pressure measurements from the forearm with the same level of precision as a cuff. The technological advancement is anticipated to make its debut in the following months.

Additionally, there is the technology of the next generation, which is being investigated by several different firms, including Apple, Zepp Health, Withings, and Samsung, in collaboration with Rockley Photonics. Higher wavelengths, in complement to those in the visible spectrum, are taken into consideration by these sensors, differentiating them from those generally employed in modern technology.

The field of wearable technology is undoubtedly in store for some fascinating times shortly. It would appear that the small Spectrometer-on-chip is able to collect data on a wide variety of parameters, including blood oxygen, hydration, heart rate, heart rate variability, core body temperature, breath rate, blood pressure, hydration, glucose, and more. However, we are currently conducting testing on this. The second half of 2022 is the window in which we hope to introduce the first products equipped with Rockley sensors.

Blood pressure Monitoring on the Huawei Watch D is not Nearly as Accurate as Advertised.

Huawei has approached the issue in a distinctively different manner. The Watch D is able to measure blood pressure thanks to an additional band attachment that can be attached underneath the standard watch strap. When you begin an on-demand reading, the accessory will automatically begin to inflate. The micro-pump operates in a manner analogous to that of a regular blood pressure monitor in miniature form.

If you want to get reliable blood pressure readings, you have to wear the watch on the left side of your wrist and place your hand across your chest and at the same level as your heart when you take a reading. That is a very long way from something that can measure blood pressure in a completely hands-free and autonomous manner.

The following video is a demonstration of the technology that was uploaded to YouTube by an individual in China. This is not the pretty elegant answer that we had envisioned!

The Watch D can also capture on-demand readings of an electrocardiogram (ECG) and track exercise, sleep, 70 different sports, and other activities. It contains an eight-channel, high-sensitivity optical sensor for measuring heart rate. The Huawei Watch D is not one of the wearables that will receive the continuous body temperature sensing technology that the company has stated it intends to implement in the near future.

Because of the blood pressure technology, the watch is only water and dust resistant to an IP68 standard, which means it is safe to wear in the rain. However, you won’t be able to swim while wearing it, but it should be able to withstand being immersed in liquid for a brief period of time.

The chassis of the device is made of high-hardness aircraft aluminum, and the screen measures 1.64 inches. The latter offers a resolution equivalent to that of the retina and has a pixel density of 326 PPI. The life of the battery is approximately one week.

The Huawei Watch D can now only be purchased in China at a price of 2,988 Yuan, which is equivalent to approximately $470 USD. You have the option of selecting either the Elegant Titanium or the Classic Black variation. Owners of the timepiece have the option to enroll in professional health care that provides individualized recommendations regarding diet, sleep, and exercise for an additional cost of $95.

It is possible that it will take some time until the product is available on the other side of the border, given that Huawei must first obtain approval from the FDA and possibly other regulatory agencies. The Drug Administration of China has granted the watch certification as a Class 2 medical device in that country.

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