The Amazfit App has Been Updated with a Modern New Design and Now Includes More Info

A new look for the user interface has been implemented in the Android version of the Amazfit app. There is now a summary of all of your health data that can be seen at a glance on the default screen, and there are some new indicators that can be synced with your teeth.

This is the application that may be used for a variety of different watches made by Huami. This comprises the Amazfit Stratos series, the GTS and GTR models, the Nexo, the Bip series, the Verge line, and more.

According to a discussion post on Reddit, the update may have already been delivered to some users. One of them posted a screenshot of a beautiful black interface with different panels for different kinds of health and fitness data.

Even though a few users have been able to bring their software up to date with merely an update from the Play Store, the app’s version number is currently 4.0.0, but this has not yet been made available on Google Play. You can try updating your software if you like. If it doesn’t work, you might need to have some patience till the app is available on the Google Play store.

The following is included in the notes that follow the release:

  • The website layout has been improved so that you can see all of your health information at a glance;
  • Additional information, such as your body composition, measurements, and health indications, has been included for you so that you may control every element of your health.
  • It integrated My Tools into the home page, which allows for easier access to the features that relate to them.
  • It added a tab called “Learn More About,” where you can find out more about your device and what it can do.

It is probable that the people who have been able to successfully install the software are located in China. In the normal course of events, Huami will first issue an upgrade in Asia before moving on to countries in Europe and the United States. We really hope that the iOS version will also get an updated user interface in time.

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