The Amazfit Stratos 3 is now available on Amazon in the United States

Huami’s Stratos 3 is now available on Amazon in the United States. The $199.99 item is currently “temporarily out of stock,” but availability is expected soon.

The smartwatch was released in August of this year. The sports watch is available in two models, both of which are loaded with cutting-edge technology.

The Amazfit Stratos 3 is available in both regular and titanium finishes.

Huami Standard and Elite edition images

In terms of style, the Amazfit Stratos 3 features an always-on 1.34-inch full moon circular display with 260,000 JDI colors. One issue with the current Stratos is that screen visibility degrades at certain angles. Huami has invested over a million dollars in order to fix this issue.

The watch has a diameter of 46.8mm and a thickness of 13.4mm. It weighs 59.6 grams (68.7 grams for the Elite model) and includes four physical buttons on the right side to control the various functions. You may also do this with the touch screen. The breathable straps are 22mm in width, and the bezel is made of 316L stainless steel.

The Amazfit Stratos 3 is available in both regular and titanium finishes.

There is an Elite variation in addition to the standard. This one has exceptional durability and water-repellent sapphire mirrors that are enclosed in a titanium alloy. It also replaces the strap with smooth and long-lasting fluorine rubber.

Titanium appears to be popular these days. It is even rumored that the new Apple Watch will include this feature. The material is highly durable while being lightweight.

Internal specifications and characteristics

The watch is equipped with two sets of chips, one for fitness and the other for smart functionality. This configuration allows the user to run two distinct modes: Ultra and Intelligent.

Intelligent, the more feature-rich of the two, makes full use of the 1.2 GHz processor and runs the full Amazfit OS. This gives users access to all activity data, Bluetooth music playback, and other smart functionalities.

The trade-off is battery life: the 300 mAh lithium ion battery lasts 14 days between charges. However, when compared to other smartwatches, this is still good. The other mode only offers minimal fitness tracking (80% of functionality) but has a battery life of 21 days.

When GPS is enabled, this decreases dramatically. There are three settings this time: accurate (35 hours), balanced (45 hours), and power saving (70 hours).

Furthermore, Stratos 3 will include the company’s BioTracker PPG biological tracking optical sensor for heart rate monitoring. This is said to be rather accurate.

Other features include GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & Beidou, NFC, and Bluetooth Music capability. Memory is 512 MB RAM and storage is 4 GB (of which 1.9 GB is for the user).

There are eight Firstbeat features (including Vo2Max, recovery times, and others from the previous edition) and support for 19 different sports modes. Indoor and outdoor jogging, walking, indoor and outdoor cycling, pool and outdoor swimming, elliptical machines, outdoor hiking, mountaineering, trail running, triathlon, compound sports, skiing, football, tennis, skipping, rowing machines, and indoor fitness are examples of these activities.

Huami claims that the incorporation of the Sony GNSS chip has enhanced GPS accuracy. For more precise location monitoring, you can combine the various positioning systems.

Cost and availability

Stratos is a fantastic sports watch. In 2018, we examined the original edition (which is pretty much the same as Stratos 2). This aesthetically beautiful and feature-rich gadget represents outstanding value for money.

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The most recent iteration of the range will set you back around $200. You can check the price on Amazon by clicking on this link. The device was introduced recently, but it is currently marked as “temporarily out of stock.” Without a doubt, availability should come soon.

In China, the more costly Elite model costs 1,699 yuan ($240). When that one is listed internationally, expect the price to be approximately $250-$260.

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