The ANTI Ordinary is a Ski Beanie that Offers the Same Level of Protection as a Helmet

There is a new product available for those individuals who do not wish to compromise their level of comfort or safety while skiing or snowboarding this winter. It takes the form of a helmet that is initially malleable and pliable but becomes rigid when subjected to collision.

Sliding down the mountainside on flat items tied to our legs comes with certain risks, despite the fact that skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular types of winter sports. Even the most skilled can stumble now and then.

Since the mid-1970s, there has been a 50 per cent reduction in the number of injuries per 500 skiers visiting a resort. The development of foot bindings, as well as the widespread use of helmets, have both contributed to the decrease in injuries.

But what if the knit cap or beanie you have on your head could also serve as a helmet when you are skiing? Wouldn’t that make everything in life a whole lot simpler?

The creators of a new product, three Australians, set out to build something that would give customers the best of both worlds. They have invented a beanie that can alter its shape by using a proprietary mixture of non-Newtonian materials. These materials have a rubbery soft feel, but they change state and become immediately more rigid when they are struck. After the force of the hit has passed, the beanie will return to its normal, comfortable state. The best part is that there are no electronic components or other mechanisms responsible for the material’s hardening. Since this technology only works at the molecular level, it works right away and never fails. 

In case you have any lingering doubts, the three individuals who will be testing and certifying the helmet to ensure that it complies with the global alpine helmet standards of EN1077 and ASTM F2040. They say that they came up with and patented a one-of-a-kind layering system that not only meets but also goes above and beyond the requirements for alpine helmets while keeping a very high level of comfort.

Joseph stated to Digital Trends that the company would “never build a helmet that isn’t safe.”

As engineers and fans of extreme sports, we prioritize safety above everything else in our work and in our personal lives. This helmet will be able to pass any certifications that are required by the industry.

The inside of the beanie is made of a supple material that is permeable to air, which prevents you from getting too hot while wearing it. The outer layer can also be washed completely clean. Because the entire device can be folded up, it takes up significantly less space in your backpack compared to a conventional helmet made of hard plastic or metal.

The knit beanie is constructed in a way that makes it suitable for use during sports like skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and skating. The group is also focusing on adaptations for people who are more likely to experience falls as a result of medical conditions.

If you are interested in purchasing the beanie, you should be prepared to wait for it for a little while. In January, ANTI Ordinary intends to initiate a Kickstarter campaign, which will then be followed by the commencement of mass production not long after. The pre-registration period is now underway.

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