The app code is shown; Amazfit GTS 2, GTR 2, and Neo are currently under development.

It would appear like Huami is getting ready to release the Amazfit GTS 2 and GTR 2 in addition to a completely new smartwatch that will be dubbed the Amazfit Neo.

The first two will be extremely successful iterations of the first generation of gadgets. Amazfit GTS and Amazfit GTR, both of which were released in the same year, are quite comparable to one another in terms of their functional capabilities but look nothing alike. The design of the GTS is similar to that of the Apple Watch, and it features a square form factor along with a beautiful high-resolution display and a battery life of up to 14 days. The GTS is a fashionable fitness watch that won’t put a dent in your money account.

Regarding the third wristwatch, the Amazfit Neo is a link to a completely different piece of hardware than the previous two. It is possible that this is the first instalment in a new series, or it may be a one-off.

The information was discovered by XiaomiAdictos, who deciphered some code in the Amazfit app and found references to the monikers Newton, Lisbon, and Tokyo. After conducting more research, it was discovered that these are all references to the future generation of smartwatches that were previously discussed. The first vehicle is the GTS 2, followed by the GTR 2, and then the Neo.

Amazfit Neo 

At this early point, any discussion about impending specs would be nothing more than pure speculation. After looking at the GTS and the GTR, the accuracy of the GPS and the heart rate monitor were our two primary concerns. We can only hope that Huami will make progress in both areas.

Concerning Neo, there is some more information that may be found in the form of a picture within the Amazfit application’s source code. The appearance of the gadget is quite similar to that of the Amazfit Ares, particularly in terms of its design. This version of the T-rex, which was introduced in May of this year, has a more rough appearance.

The idea that all 3 of them are currently there in the Amazfit software provides further evidence that a release date will not be too far off in the future. There is still the potential that IFA may take place in Berlin.

Huami is also nearing the completion of preparations for the launch of the Amazfit Band 6. This is a fitness band that supports Alexa and also monitors blood oxygen levels in addition to everything else that comes with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5. The monitor has already begun to surface on a number of different shopping websites.

The Amazfit X is yet another forthcoming product bearing the Amazfit brand. We are not the only ones who are enthused about this one, as evidenced by the fact that the gadget has raised around two million dollars on Indiegogo to fund development. On August 18th, we will begin sending out the first group of 1,000 eclipse black devices that have been pre-ordered.

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