The Apple AirTags are now officially available, and their sale will begin on April 30

Since the beginning of this year, we have been hearing rumors that Apple is working on a personal item tracker that would be named AirTags. They are now recognized as legitimate as of today. Everything that you need to know is included below.

What do you mean by that?

 AirTags are trackers that work similarly to tiles in that they may be attached to virtually anything in order to monitor its location. Consider your purse, your keys, your backpack, and so on. The user will receive alerts from the gizmo if they move too far away from the item it is connected to. This technology uses Apple’s worldwide Find My network and protects users’ privacy and anonymity by encrypting all data sent from start to finish.

A small circular design

 In terms of their physical appearance, AirTags have the form of a small, round device that is flattened on one side. For whatever reason, they do not have a keychain hole, but you may slide them into accessories that let you attach goods securely to other things. Along with an AirTag Hermès Travel Tag, this comes with a Polyurethane Loop, a Leather Loop, and a Leather Key Ring. Each one of these can be purchased on its own.

AirTags are constructed of stainless steel that has been polished, and they are resistant to dust, water, and both. However, because they only have an IP67 classification for water protection, it is best not to completely submerge them in liquid. You should avoid engaging in water activities with them at all costs.

Each AirTag has Apple’s ultra-wideband U1 locator chip, which made its debut in the iPhone 11 and has since been adopted by other Apple products. Because they can talk to iCloud, they are more accurate than Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi connections.

A cover that can be removed can be found on top of each AirTag. This is the location of the replaceable CR2032 battery that may be found here. Apple claims that you only need to replace the battery once per calendar year.

The setup is quite easy. Simply bring the AirTag close to the iPhone, and it will instantly begin to create a connection between the two devices. After that, all that is left to do is give the AirTag a name so that you are aware of what you are employing it for.

How to find things that you’ve misplaced

The AirTag will be shown in the Find My app under the Items menu once it has been uploaded. In this section, you will be able to view the current location of an object in real time.

Because of the speaker that is already installed in the device, it is possible to make it play a sound. If the gadget is within Bluetooth range, then it is capable of utilizing this functionality. The second possibility is to speak to Siri and request that she ask AirTags to play a sound.

Another option is to put the device into “lost mode.” After that, you will receive input in the form of sound, haptics, and visual cues that will direct you to the item. The ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope will work together to direct you to the object as you move about in the environment.

The Ultra Wideband technology begins to function when this option is selected. This is something that Apple refers to as Precision Finding (available for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 users).

But what happens if you aren’t even close to the location where the item was lost? If it is not within the range of your phone’s Bluetooth connection, Then, a magical transformation takes place.

Through a Bluetooth connection, the AirTag can ride along on any smartphone that is nearby in order to transmit its current location to the person who is legally responsible for it. The company is certainly capitalizing on the massive ecosystem that comprises Apple goods in order to establish a sort of network resembling a crowd. Any Apple device with Find My Network can access the location of a contact that has been saved in a tag using that service.

Users of the software are given the ability to add places that should not be considered. In this manner, customers will be able to leave objects where they are secure without being harassed by warnings that aren’t essential. In addition to this, people are able to inform their loved ones and friends about the whereabouts of Apple Tag.

Obtainability as well as cost

 AirTags are available for purchase singly or in groups of four. The first one is priced at $29, and the second one is $99. Although you will be able to start pre-ordering a week before the product becomes available to the public, sales won’t begin until the 30th of April.

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