The Apple Watch Now has a YouTube Music App, Complete with the Most Fundamental Playback Controls

The Apple Watch Now has a YouTube Music App, Complete with the Most Fundamental Playback Controls

A new app for Youtube Music is now available for the Apple Watch. Users of Wear OS who have been waiting for the same thing will find some solace in the fact that the Apple app only includes fundamental playback controls.

To refresh your memory, starting a short while ago, users of Wear OS smartwatches no longer had access to Google Play Music. The service was discontinued in favor of using YouTube for its music content. This platform is better than others because it gives its users access to about 60 million songs that they can stream.

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However, the connection is still in the process of being completed, and we have not yet seen a fully functional Wear OS program that enables downloading and playing back of YouTube Music without the need for a phone. Given that Google is the company that is responsible for both Wear OS and Youtube, one would think that the connection would be speedy and trouble-free.

Apple, on the other hand, is not wasting any time. The official Apple Watch app for YouTube Music can now be downloaded from the App Store. However, only the most fundamental playback controls are available. Access to playlists, albums, songs, and artists’ cover art is included here.

Tapping anywhere on the display will bring up the playback controls. The cover artwork for the album will be displayed in the background while the song is being played. There is also a panel for the library, which provides access to the most recent track played, as well as downloads, playlists, albums, songs, and artists. The user interface has been designed to be quite similar to that of Apple Music for watchOS.

A hearing session free of advertisements is available to users who have upgraded to the Premium version of YouTube Music. You won’t have to worry about the music stopping if you lock your screen or switch to one of your other apps, and you’ll be able to install your favorites right onto the phone.

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The Apple Watch application, on the other hand, does not support offline listening to music or streaming of audio. For this to work, your smartphone needs to be within close proximity to you at all times. So, it’s not the same as the Wear OS app that customers have been looking forward to.

Despite this, Apple has gone through the trouble of releasing this before there has been a suitable app released to take the position of Google Play Music, which has been discontinued. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the search engine giant will put in a little bit more effort to make their app a stand-alone experience rather than merely a remote control for the smartphone.

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