The Apple Watch Series 2 is no longer available for purchase from the company

Apple has quietly discontinued its Series 2 watches, which many people found to be an unexpected move on the company’s part.

After the highly anticipated keynote event that took place on Tuesday, the business has removed the item from its online store because it is of the second generation. This implies that you now have the option of purchasing either the original Apple Watch or the soon-to-be-released Series 3 variant.

The Series 2 was a significant improvement over its predecessor, with water resistance of up to 50 meters, an on-board GPS receiver, a Dual-Core processor that was 50% faster, an improved display, and a few other improvements.It addressed a significant number of the problems that were present in the earlier model.

The difference between the second generation and the third generation is not very significant, with the exception of LTE and the addition of an altimeter. The Cupertino corporation has made a choice that is both reasonable and strategic in order to increase the gap between the many Apple Watch options it provides. It is no longer selling its Series 2 watches. Therefore, if you require the aforementioned capabilities, you will be required to purchase the most recent edition of the product.

Because of the fact that the Series 3 gadget can either have cellular connectivity or not have it, you still have a choice. If you do not place a high priority on having LTE connectivity, the non-cellular model is a more cost-effective choice. In addition, there is no need to pay an additional monthly fee for the wireless service. In the event that you have your heart set on having an Apple Watch 2, the Apple Watch 3’s base model will not disappoint.

The original watch is still available for purchase, albeit at a reduced level of desirability. It is less expensive than its successors, but it does not have GPS, water resistance, or as much processing power as its successors. You can still purchase the Series 2 device from third-party sellers if you are adamant about having it in your possession. However, you should not procrastinate because supplies are limited.

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