The Apple Watch staff challenge, which lasts for a whole month, has resumed

The “Close your rings” competition that is held annually among Apple’s staff members has resumed. The event generally takes place in February; but, owing to the coronavirus outbreak, it had to be moved to a later date this year.

Earlier this year, workers who sought to begin the challenge within the app discovered that their challenge number was not valid. When the Cupertino company sent out this internal communication, the reason behind it became immediately apparent.

“The Close Your Rings Challenge is another one of those unique chances that brings together members of teams and coworkers from all over the world for the aim of closing our rings, racking up some points, and having a good time. The decision to delay the 2020 Close Your Rings Challenge was made in light of the fact that a number of our offices and stores in China are currently closed and that certain members of our team would be unable to take part. Our Challenge will not be available in the Challenges app any longer at this time.” the email that was sent out at the beginning of February read.

We will keep everyone informed as soon as we get a new date for when we can all concentrate on sealing our rings together.

Due to the fact that a significant portion of the company’s supply chain is situated in China, it has been impacted by the coronavirus epidemic. Despite the fact that things are gradually getting back to normal, many manufacturers in the nation had already shut down, and Apple itself had, very reasonably, shut down its stores, offices, and contact centres.

MacRumors was able to speak with an employee of Apple who confirmed that the company has plans to bring back the competition this week. Employees at Apple corporate and retail locations are required to close the rings on their watches every day of the month, which is not an easy chore by any stretch of the imagination. The last day of the month-long endeavour is scheduled to fall on August 16th.

Their perseverance will be rewarded with a t-shirt bearing the year 2020 written in a typeface that is reminiscent of the Activity Ring on an Apple Watch. Those who are able to overcome the obstacle and come out on top will be awarded the “gold” ranking as well as a gold pin. In addition to these, there will be bronze and silver awards, each accompanied by a bronze and silver pin.

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